Cutting Through The Noise Of Social Media To Deliver Great Customer Service

Social media is a busy world, with more than 500 million tweets a day and 1.2 billion people using Facebook. It’s the virtual playground where people create, share and communicate content all the time and, while this gives brands a wide array of opportunities to boost their army of followers, it’s often the reason why they sometimes find it hard to decide what actually deserves their attention. There is just too much noise on social media and companies are increasingly challenged to respond as quickly and efficiently as they do via phone and e-mail.


Here’s how things in the social media customer service landscape currently trend, at least according to Five9. The call centre software expert recently compiled an infographic based on research carried out with the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) that shows how both people and companies use (or don’t use) social media for customer service.

Social media for customer service

Social media channels are increasingly appealing to consumers as a medium on which they can talk to brands: at present, almost 40% of customers use social media for customer service. The results from the study suggest that the last time 53% of Facebook users visited the channel was for a support interaction and 21% of Twitter users have turned to the network to tweet a request for service. Overall, 86% of consumers shared the opinion that they would be more satisfied if a brand offered their “channel of choice,” including social. Nearly half (47%) admitted that if a brand provided good service but did not offer their preferred channel, they would switch to another brand that offered both.

Cost-effectiveness of social media marketing

Companies are aware of the power and cost-effectiveness of social media when it comes to customer service. More than 68% of businesses consider that social media is a necessary service channel and 61% of those offering social care already enjoy greater satisfaction levels. According to 58% of organisations, social media plays a key role when it comes to loyalty and 55% say social support serves as a huge competitive differentiator. But despite the many benefits, 60% of businesses are yet to jump on the social care bandwagon.

Why do so many companies continue to ignore customer service on social media?

It seems that the greatest challenge companies face in this regard is lack of resources or tools in place to start.

Among experienced social customer service teams, 58% said that eliminating spam from agent queues is a challenge and 66% cited prioritising customer responses. Over 70% mentioned integrating social with customer relationship management systems and listening to all the social activity and 80% said that providing accurate reporting and analytics was a challenge.

ICMI’s advice to companies looking to add social media to their customer service channels is to try to cut through the noise of social media and listen and identify opportunities that might spur engagement. Using the right technology solution is also essential, and so is making a plan and establishing a protocol for responding. Customer requests on social media should be handled by a skilled team and their responses should be monitored, measured and optimised.

Social media is a noisy place! [Infographic]

Check out this great infographic from of Five9.



Courtesy of Five9

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