Facebook Contests – Ideas For Every Month 2014

12 Viral Facebook Contest Ideas To Help You For The Entire Year

January 28, 2014

Despite the emergence of various new social media platforms waiting to be tapped by marketers for their campaigns, Facebook is still the powerhouse advertising medium in the social sphere and the top choice of many brands for boosting consumer engagement and building loyalty.

12 Facebook Contest Ideas 2014

Based on a set of 12 contest ideas – one for every month of the year – published by contest app builder platform Antavo, here are some suggestions for those relying on the most popular social media network to help them enrich their digital marketing campaigns.


For shopaholics, the post-Christmas period is associated with just one thing – sales! It’s this time of the year when people are on the lookout for bargains, so providing coupon codes or promoting overstocked products at a low price is the best technique to follow. The effectiveness of this method is trusted by 42% of Facebook marketers, who believe that discounts and special offers that solicit interaction by asking users to like a page or share in order to get them delivers value.


February is the month of Valentine’s Day and is the best time to rekindle the romance with your customers and attract the interest of those eager to celebrate. Marketers could expand their reach by starting a photo contest to select the three cutest couples, offering rewards to both the participants and those who vote in the competition.


In the UK, Mother’s Day usually falls in March and brands could try to tap a huge number of potential customers by running a sweepstakes game to give away items that both the kids and mothers would appreciate.


This is the perfect time for launching a like-gated quiz as a means to boost your fan numbers. According to 70% of industry professionals, like-gated giveaways are the most successful marketing tactic, so you could poll users about your brand or the origin of egg hunting, for example, and award prizes only to those with the highest number of correct answers.


Marketers could run a contest asking fans to vote for their favourite DJ or the funniest video, encouraging them to vote multiple times to increase their chances of winning your prize.


To tie in with Father’s Day, which falls in June, brands can increase engagement by inviting fans to share their best moment or best advice from their fathers and reward the most inspiring ones.


With the school summer holidays just around the corner, why not run a contest to quiz people about holiday destinations in the UK or around the world? Urge fans to share the promotion with friends to increase their chances of winning while also boosting your popularity on Facebook.


It’s time for some summer holiday fun at the beach, but also in the social media world, where brands can spur fans’ activity by asking them to provide videos showing how they spend their vacation. A jury could decide on the funniest ones, but fans could also name their winner.


The summer break is over and the kids are back to school, so marketers could challenge older users to recall their own school time by asking them to vote on their favourite lunchbox, book or movie character they adored the most when they were young.


It’s a good idea to explore Halloween as the main theme for a photo contest, where users could share photos of their costumes or post recipes to win prizes for their creativity. Participants could provide their photos via mobile as well.


Bonfire Night is often a time when families, friends and neighbours get together and celebrate. Promotions linked to the occasion could be used by brands as an opportunity to give away small value coupons that could be used in their offline or online stores.


The last month of the year is no doubt the most wonderful time of the year and marketers should start attracting users’ attention from the first advent weekend, perhaps by launching flash sweepstakes that provide non-winners with a redeemable coupon code. Running such competitions every advent weekend can enhance engagement as users are keen to go back and take part again.

12 Facebook Contests – Ideas – Infographic

Check out the Antavo infographic below for some more information and interesting statistics.

12 Facebook Contest Ideas - Antavo

Courtesy of: Antavo


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