Social Network Recommendations Make Men Reach for Their Wallets

When it comes to shopping, you’d be mistaken for thinking that women would win hands down. According to research released by market research company Harris Interactive UK, when it comes to spending influenced by social networks and ads, men are beginning to vie for the title of ‘big spender’.

Social Media Ads and Recommendations

According to the report, men are more likely than women to be influenced by recommendations from friends on social networks, while women are more likely to be influenced by social media ads rather than tips from friends.

Social Network Recommendations

After receiving recommendations for products and services from their contacts on social networking sites, British males spent an average of £93 in the 30 days leading up to the survey, compared with £60 for females.

Although UK men appeared more balanced in their spending no matter what the influence, women’s preference towards ads pushed the average amount spent as a result of advertising just above that driven by social network contacts.

Breaking the results down further, Harris Interactive found that there were differences between the genders in terms of the products they purchased after seeing a social network ad. Perhaps unsurprisingly, women were most likely to purchase clothing – 38% of female respondents in comparison to 18% of males.

And confirming the gender trends in spending, 28% of males in the UK bought video games most often as a result of having seen an ad on a social platform, compared with just 15% of women who were surveyed.

Meanwhile, male social networkers aged 11 and above were found to have a slightly higher average number of active social accounts (2.8) – which had been used at least once in the past 30 days – than women (2.5).

Despite this, independent research company eMarketer, predicted that female internet users of all ages will represent the majority of social networkers in the UK through to 2018, totalling 17.5 million this year, compared with 15.6 million men.


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Article by : Tim Bennett

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