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How Will Wearable Tech Affect App Development?

Whereas the development of mobile technology was once thought to be the new frontier of the IT industry, it has since progressed so rapidly that it’s become the fastest growing IT market of the past ten years.

With this in mind, the latest newcomer to the IT scene – wearable technology – could have a similarly colossal impact on the industry. Recent products launched by Apple and Android – such as Apple’s sleek and highly-coveted Apple Watch – show just how far the tech has already come, with developers keen on making them as useful as possible for consumers, while also being a desirable product in themselves.

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Stuff You Need To Know About Apps – Beginners Guide

What are apps?

Many smartphone and tablet users engage with apps every time they turn on their device.  But many people are still confused about exactly what apps are.

In simple terms, the word ‘app’ is short for ‘application’.

Killer App Development

An app is a piece of software that can be added to a phone operating system, computer or website to provide additional functionality for a specific task.  Examples of basic apps could be a game, a puzzle, a calculator or a currency conversion tool.

An app is usually developed by someone other than the manufacturer of the phone or electronic device itself.

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