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Email Marketing – How to Get Opened, Read and Responded to [Infographic]

We all know the feeling of opening your message box to find 100 spam memos and several irrelevant promotional emails. Read on for great email marketing tips.


Surveys suggest that 40% of adults report to ‘never read’ marketing emails, whilst a staggering 80% of US adults receive unnecessary emails weekly!

So how do we create an email that is practically guaranteed a read?

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Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch In 2014

75% Projected Growth in Mobile Marketing –

Mobile has had a huge impact in the world of marketing and is no longer treated as an emerging channel.  We take a look at a few of the mobile marketing trends to watch in 2014.

Given the solid 75% growth projected in mobile marketing this year, it is now a vital component in digital marketing strategies, along with social media.

Moibile Marketing Trends 2014

Today, nobody is questioning the importance of mobile anymore and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that 2013 was the year of mobile, with its significance moving from pure-play mobile businesses to digital media giants such as Facebook and Google, which introduced mobile advertising tools this year and enjoyed unprecedented growth as a result. While it’s difficult to foretell the factors driving mobile advertising going forward, it still makes sense to give it a try and take time to think about what 2014 could hold for mobile marketers.

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