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New Google Algorithm Is Putting Mobile Friendly Websites First

It’s been hailed as more significant than both Panda and Penguin; Google’s latest algorithm change, due to come into force on April 21, is going to put mobile optimisation well and truly in the spotlight.  If you do not have a mobile friendly website, you are going to lose out – FACT.

google friendly mobile websites

Mobile usability has been an important part of Google’s algorithms, helping users to find mobile-friendly sites by ranking them higher on search results pages than their non-optimised equivalents.

Until now, however, these factors have been fairly ambiguous and somewhat limited – many simply did not know what factors were being used to rank mobile sites and how many were affected by the rules, which led to a sort of complacency where companies did not feel in any rush to optimise their sites.

Google Search Via Mobile  = 50+%

But as a recent Google Blog post notes, mobile and tablet devices are becoming an even greater part of our everyday lives and account for a significant proportion of internet browsing all over the world. And Google plays a big role in this trend – a 2014 study conducted by comScore found that 60% of all Google searches were carried out on a mobile device.

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