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How Small Businesses Can Use Local Mobile Marketing

These days, there a number of tools that small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) can use in their marketing strategies, and if you have a mobile app or mobile website, there are some specific local mobile marketing tactics that you can adopt based on a customer’s location.


Carrying out marketing on a local level is one of the best ways to do business with customers, and shouldn’t be overlooked. We have outlined some of the most useful approaches that can help you in your marketing efforts in this article.

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How Will Wearable Tech Affect App Development?

Whereas the development of mobile technology was once thought to be the new frontier of the IT industry, it has since progressed so rapidly that it’s become the fastest growing IT market of the past ten years.

With this in mind, the latest newcomer to the IT scene – wearable technology – could have a similarly colossal impact on the industry. Recent products launched by Apple and Android – such as Apple’s sleek and highly-coveted Apple Watch – show just how far the tech has already come, with developers keen on making them as useful as possible for consumers, while also being a desirable product in themselves.

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How To Choose Between Mobile App And Mobile Website

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

Mobile marketing has been firmly established as a key area of development for many businesses. The adoption of mobile devices continues to soar globally, so businesses are getting increasingly aware that they need to exploit the channel to reach more consumers.

Statistics reveal that 96% of marketers have either incorporated mobile in their marketing mix or are planning to do so. More than eight in ten are thinking of raising their budgets for mobile development, but only 16% have a mobile strategy in place.

mobile apps v mobile websites

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