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How Small Businesses Can Use Local Mobile Marketing

These days, there a number of tools that small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) can use in their marketing strategies, and if you have a mobile app or mobile website, there are some specific local mobile marketing tactics that you can adopt based on a customer’s location.


Carrying out marketing on a local level is one of the best ways to do business with customers, and shouldn’t be overlooked. We have outlined some of the most useful approaches that can help you in your marketing efforts in this article.

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Why Mobile Marketing Is Outperforming Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones these days, it’s perhaps little wonder that mobile marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for brands and companies to reach their audiences. Perhaps what’s more surprising is that some studies show it can be as much as 50% more effective than social media marketing, and is more effective than email marketing.

Why Mobile Marketing Is Outperforming Social Media

More and more companies are realising that mobile marketing makes sense; it’s also one of the most affordable channels, meaning that they are seeing a clear return on investment from it.

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How Women And Men Use Social Media And Mobile

April 8, 2014

Social media and mobile technology now play a vital role in every aspect of our lives, serving as a natural extension of any digital presence.

Women and Men Social Media and Mobile

As the world continues to embrace the two channels, the ways we use social networks and the mobile web are becoming clearer and now there is a considerable amount of data on consumers’ general habits, what they like and what they want from brands. Less is known about how exactly consumers’ habits and preferences differ.

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Make Mobile Marketing Messages Count

UK Consumers Demand Relevant Mobile Marketing Messages, Study Shows

January 2, 2014

Mobile is emerging as a powerful marketing channel that gives brands the opportunity to reach consumers on the go. But it seems that there is still a need for marketers to better tailor their messages and make them more relevant to users’ preferences and habits, new research suggests.

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Mobile Marketing – Smartphones vs Tablets

Differences Between Smartphones And Tablets That Mobile Marketers Should Know


Smartphones and tablets are generally categorised together under the broad “mobile” class, but in the  world of mobile marketing, this classification can be misleading or even wrong. It should be clear that consumers use tablets for purposes different than those that make them turn to their smartphones.  This should be explicitly reflected in brands’ mobile marketing strategies, Peter Tanham, chief executive officer of web-based platform SparkPage, says in an article for Econsultancy.

Probably the major difference between these two devices, which should always guide marketers’ mobile efforts, is that people use them in different places. Tablets are increasingly accessed on the sofa, in bed, or in the kitchen, and are taken out of home only to serve as travel companions on long journeys.

Smartphone owners, meanwhile, are with their devices all the time, browsing the web and taking pictures on the go. What also distinguishes tablets from smartphones is that it’s not possible to make a phone call with a tablet.

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How Mobile Marketing Technology Can Help Retail Marketers This Christmas

Mobile Marketing for Christmas

Many consumers are already starting to put their Christmas gift lists together, and various researches point to the solid role that mobile devices will play in their path to purchase. With this is mind, sparing a thought on advantages that mobile marketing can bring to retailers this holiday season is more than necessary.

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There are several mobile technology-based tactics that retailers could employ this winter to reach a growing mobile audience and increase sales. Here are Michael Della Penna’s top picks that could help them accomplish their goals, outlined in an article for marketing news and advice firm ClickZ.

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Brands Are Not Doing Enough To Improve Mobile Web Functionality

Is your website and brand mobile friendly?

A recent survey carried out by Eptica, which looked into how British mobile users perceive the efforts made by companies regarding mobile interaction and functionality, reveals that more than half feel that brands are not doing enough to improve the mobile web experience that they offer to the public.

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This could be a result of consumers’ lack of awareness that the mobile web is designed to provide the same browsing experience they get on a desktop computer or it could be down to companies failing to adequately optimise their websites for mobile devices. This leaves users with the impression that the capability of mobile websites is limited, Econsultancy suggests.

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Mobile Trends for Business Marketing

Mobile Trends That Require Attention of Marketers

Getting to grips with mobile channels is an essential element of many companies’ digital marketing mix.

The mobile landscape is constantly evolving, so keeping up-to-date with the latest trends on the market is vital for businesses relying on the medium for their marketing initiatives. Aaron Strout is group director at global communications expert WCG, and outlines key trends that require marketers’ attention in an article for Marketing Land. Given the growing popularity of mobile, along with the increasing number of consumers tapping the channel, taking time to explore key developments in the mobile sphere can help companies plan their next steps in the field, Strout notes.

Mobile marketing from myCloud Media

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