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Social Network Recommendations Make Men Reach for Their Wallets

When it comes to shopping, you’d be mistaken for thinking that women would win hands down. According to research released by market research company Harris Interactive UK, when it comes to spending influenced by social networks and ads, men are beginning to vie for the title of ‘big spender’.

Social Media Ads and Recommendations

According to the report, men are more likely than women to be influenced by recommendations from friends on social networks, while women are more likely to be influenced by social media ads rather than tips from friends.

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Tips To Boost Social Media Engagement

If you work in the field of marketing, chances are you are well aware of the crucial importance of social media for your business. Real-time interaction plays a key role in brand awareness, visibility and reputation but managing all these can be very hard if you cannot engage your audience.


Engagement doesn’t only mean the number of likes and followers a business has – what matters is the way consumers actually respond to your messages. There are various ways to boost engagement and what you should do mostly depends on your goals. However, there are a few things that will always do your social strategy good and they have been set out in a new infographic by Exact Target.

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Top Tools For Managing Social Media Accounts

May 26, 2014

You might be one of the many brands already using social media to promote their business and you’ve probably come to realise its power to boost user engagement, loyalty and profits.

14 Tools for Managing Social Media

But you might also be one of those brands that never find the time to nurture their social media presence and get real benefit from using the medium. Automating certain elements of the process could be the solution to cutting the time your marketing strategy requires and getting things right more quickly.

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How Women And Men Use Social Media And Mobile

April 8, 2014

Social media and mobile technology now play a vital role in every aspect of our lives, serving as a natural extension of any digital presence.

Women and Men Social Media and Mobile

As the world continues to embrace the two channels, the ways we use social networks and the mobile web are becoming clearer and now there is a considerable amount of data on consumers’ general habits, what they like and what they want from brands. Less is known about how exactly consumers’ habits and preferences differ.

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Why You Should Be On Google+

March 15, 2014

Google+ used to be the new kid on the block and until recently it had been ignored by many.

Embrace Google+

But the network is one of the greatest marketing opportunities in the social media world and comes directly from online major Google, for free, which can give a brand a strong competitive edge by helping to boost engagement and improve search rankings.  here are some great reasons why you should embrace Google+ to improve your social media marketing.

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How To Increase Engagement of Facebook Followers

Tips To Boost User Engagement On Facebook

February 25, 2014

Facebook is not just one of the most popular sites in the online space, but also one of the best places to grow your audience and boost engagement.

Increase Engagement of Facebook Followers

The channel boasts over 1.5 billion users across the globe and nearly 50% visit the site on a daily basis, which can easily answer the question of why Facebook is the go-to network for a large number of businesses.

In our recent post – Facebook Contests – Ideas For Every Month 2014 – we discussed ideas for planning this year’s Facebook marketing.  Here are some more useful social media marketing tips to help you increase the engagement of your posts…

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Facebook Contests – Ideas For Every Month 2014

12 Viral Facebook Contest Ideas To Help You For The Entire Year

January 28, 2014

Despite the emergence of various new social media platforms waiting to be tapped by marketers for their campaigns, Facebook is still the powerhouse advertising medium in the social sphere and the top choice of many brands for boosting consumer engagement and building loyalty.

12 Facebook Contest Ideas 2014

Based on a set of 12 contest ideas – one for every month of the year – published by contest app builder platform Antavo, here are some suggestions for those relying on the most popular social media network to help them enrich their digital marketing campaigns.

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Tips To Stay Successful On Social Media In 2014

Innovative Social Media Campaigns

January 21, 2014

With 2014 in full swing, fresh ideas and strategies are coming from everywhere about best practices in social media for marketers and ways to be successful in the field this year. Even more innovative campaigns are expected to be implemented by marketers on social networks over the next 12 months as they continue to seek ways to attract more and more followers and advocates of their brand.

Social Media Tips 2014

The time is always right to gather insights from experts in the field of digital marketing and here we take a look at the 2014 social media predictions of specialists from OfferPop – NYC.

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How LinkedIn Can Help To Grow Your Business

Grow business opportunities with LinkedIn

January 16, 2014

LinkedIn is not the first platform that springs to mind when thinking about social media, customer engagement and marketing campaigns. But the professional social media network can be a vital hub that fuels sales and boosts traffic to company websites. Despite its lower popularity compared to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, the network still boasts a user base of 259 million users, receives 184 million unique visits a month, is home to three million individual business pages and 2.1 million groups. Considering these facts, LinkedIn has become an online platform businesses can no longer afford to overlook.

LinkedIn for Business

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Google+ For Mobile Helps Businesses Stay Connected


Google+ is gaining popularity among businesses that are aware of the medium’s benefits when it comes to visibility and SEO. Those already on-board with their personal profile know that Google+ still has a long way to go to taste the fame enjoyed by Facebook and Twitter, but it seems that Google’s strategy is working in terms of getting online consumers’ attention, boasting 343 million active users already.


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