Why Mobile Marketing Is Outperforming Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones these days, it’s perhaps little wonder that mobile marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for brands and companies to reach their audiences. Perhaps what’s more surprising is that some studies show it can be as much as 50% more effective than social media marketing, and is more effective than email marketing.

Why Mobile Marketing Is Outperforming Social Media

More and more companies are realising that mobile marketing makes sense; it’s also one of the most affordable channels, meaning that they are seeing a clear return on investment from it.

Improved Targeting

Nearly all mobile marketing campaigns use SMS marketing, which of course is one of the most highly targeted forms of marketing there is, being sent directly to the palm of the consumer’s hand. With a 98% open rate, and with messages usually being read within 15 minutes of sending, it’s clear that customers respond to receiving messages of this kind.

It’s also more likely that they will click through to view an offer in full than if they saw it on a social media post. In fact, the impersonal nature of social media means that users often skim past similar marketing or ad content.

Wide Reach

As previously mentioned, a large number of the population now own a smartphone, enabling marketers to reach increasing volumes of people via mobile. What’s more, some 78% of Facebook users are mobile-only; therefore content needs to be fully optimised to cater for this group.

Easy to Measure the Results

An effective SMS marketing platform will be able to tell you who is opening your messages, as well as what action they take upon doing so. This is an invaluable opportunity to see what does and doesn’t work, and marketers can use this information to inform future campaigns – meaning that you can constantly improve your efforts.

Higher Engagement Levels

We supposedly check our smartphones up to 150 times per day – whether that’s reading text messages, sending an email, using an app or even just checking the time. That’s why more and more marketers are communicating with people in this way, as consumers are constantly ‘switched on’ to what’s coming through their phones.

Unsaturated Market

With people’s inboxes and news feeds rammed full of messages, SMS marketing is still a relatively underused practice and so can be an effective way to ensure that your messages stand out. Today’s consumers have become adept at filtering out numerous online marketing messages, particularly those that aren’t relevant to them; but even the most cynical of consumers will still quickly look at their phones when they receive a text message.

Rather than trying to grab the attention of new customers, mobile marketing has proven to be especially useful for touching base with existing ones, as they are usually happy to receive offers from you.

Why Mobile Marketing is Outperforming Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

The Heavy article offered some further explanations as to why mobile marketing is proving to be such a big success.

Check out our snazzy infographic for the benefits of SMS mobile marketing over social media marketing.


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Article by : Tim Bennett

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