How Women And Men Use Social Media And Mobile

April 8, 2014

Social media and mobile technology now play a vital role in every aspect of our lives, serving as a natural extension of any digital presence.

Women and Men Social Media and Mobile

As the world continues to embrace the two channels, the ways we use social networks and the mobile web are becoming clearer and now there is a considerable amount of data on consumers’ general habits, what they like and what they want from brands. Less is known about how exactly consumers’ habits and preferences differ.

Social Media Trends

FinancesOnline has embraced this challenge to lift the curtain on the main gender trends, presenting its findings based on three main parameters: personal and professional relationships; the need for information and entertainment; and behaviour.

The findings suggest that as a whole, men are more likely to be found nurturing their business relationships or looking for a partner on social media, while women more often use social networks for relationships, sharing, entertainment and self-help.

Women were found to outnumber the opposite gender when it comes to the top reasons for being on Facebook. For instance, they are more likely to say they use the network to see photos and videos (54% vs. 39%), to share content with many people at once (50% vs. 42%) and to see entertaining or funny posts (43% vs. 35%).

Female users also emerged as the more active demographic on mobile channels; they even play games on their smartphones 10% more often than men. Women outnumber men when it comes to the most popular mobile activities, including website visits, app downloads, messaging and taking pictures.

Gender Behaviour Towards Brands

But let’s dig deeper into the two genders’ behaviour to find out more about their attitudes towards brands, since they treat advertising content differently on social and mobile channels as well.

The data suggests that men prefer to have faster access to deals or information. They are also more likely to scan coupons or QR codes (56% vs. 39%) and to act on paid digital advertising. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to follow a brand for deals on social media (71% vs. 18%), but they tend to ignore social media ads and mobile text ads more often.

If women are your key target demographic, the best way to win their attention is to deliver content focusing on sentimental or family-oriented themes, pets and kids and real-life situations. Men are more likely to engage with brands posting content concerning cars, sports, action or sexual themes. Both women and men are encouraged to engage with brands that take an approach centred on humour, inspiration, value or celebrities.

Women v Men – Social Media and Mobile – Infographic

This superb infographic from FinancesOnline shows just how far apart women’s and men’s use of social media and mobile has become.

Women v Men - Social Media and Mobile - Infographic

Courtesy of FinancesOnline


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Article by : Tim Bennett

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