New Responsive Website for Brainology

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New Responsive Website for Brainology - a new project focused on improving people’s wellbeing through the delivery of mental health strategies to businesses and schools.


Brainology Responsive Website

myCloud Media are delighted to support Brainology with the launch of a new responsive mobile friendly website.

Brainology was founded by Warren Dunkley, Patrick Davey, Martin Bisp and Jamie Sanigar. Warren and Patrick both work in the provision of mental health services. Martin and Jamie founded Empire Fighting Chance (EFC), a registered charity that uses sport and mentoring as a way of tackling poor mental health. They have also spoken at Parliament about changing the government’s approach to early intervention for adolescents with mental health problems.
Together, the quartet run Brainology, the first coordinated, nationwide pastoral programme to offer evidence-based, mental health strategies to schools and businesses.

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