Why The Right OFFERS Nurture The Right Marketing and Sales Leads


‘If you build it, they will come.’ That’s how the old saying goes.

But in the land of lead generation and growth marketing, it doesn’t quite ring true, does it?


Lead gen, conversions, and sales don’t always happen organically.

You need to take action to make it happen, and really work to transform your passive website visitors into active, engaged, marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

So how can you do this? It’s easy. By making an attractive and exclusive offer that your web visitors simply can’t refuse.


Why the right OFFERS nurture the right marketing and sales leads


From passive visitor to active lead


Driving traffic to your website, through improved visibility and extending your reach, is just one part of the overall equation.

What many organisations don’t always realise is that a good off-site experience – like engaging ads or relevant content – doesn’t always result in a good on-site experience.

Reaching out to people and driving them to your site can help you meet your marketing goals.


But what about your sales goals?

There needs to be something on-site to encourage visitors to take that next step.

You’ve put a lot of effort into building your online presence. Don’t be let down by your website.

A good lead generation and growth marketing strategy must always include an unbeatable offer; a proposition that’s going to connect with casual visitors, and really make them want to stick around.

So what sort of offer is going to help you engage with and nurture visitors, turning them into MQLs?


Introducing Lead Magnets


Introducing lead magnets


A lot of businesses think that a great offer is one that draws MQLs into the top of the funnel. And that’s definitely part of it.

But a great offer should also be able to support MQLs as they work their way through the funnel, nurturing the relationship and ensuring the lead’s needs are continually met.

Lead magnets can help. A lead magnet is a type of offer that makes moving forward a two-way street.

It involves both the business and the lead. The business offers the lead something in return for them taking a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or downloading a free demo. 

Let’s take a look at two powerful types of lead magnet.


1. Promotions


Have you run promotions or offers for your products or services in the last 6 months?

If not, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to present an attractive offer to your website visitors.

There are a number of different types of promotion you could offer in exchange for data.

That data will enable you to either contact the lead in the future, or score the lead to determine quality and find out whether they’re worth the effort.

Think about free trials, exclusive discounts, or limited-time access to premium features.


2. Free content


Making an offer of free content in exchange for data is also a popular and potentially powerful lead magnet as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Think about building a buyer persona and determining what sort of content your target audience is really looking for.

You can then opt to gate your highest-quality and most sought-after content. And you can then provide access only to those willing to take the next step.

Of course, the type of content your audience wants will vary, but typically ‘offer content’ will take the form of white papers, research, ebooks, or online guides.


Is your offer strong enough?



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Discover Your Online Success Score


Is your offer strong enough?


It’s not enough to put your offer out there and then sit back and relax.

Even the greatest offer isn’t capable of organically converting passive visitors into active leads.

You must be willing to make the first move, stepping forward and speaking out to encourage visitors to learn more about your offer.

Luckily, there are a couple of simple ways to create the touchpoints you need.


1. Lead capture forms


Do you use lead capture forms on your website?

These forms can be used to encourage your visitors to share their information with you in exchange for an offer.

This is something that’s becoming increasingly tricky in a world where people are becoming more aware of how their data is used.

However, by designing strategic forms that attract and engage your target audience, you can up conversion rates.


2. Call-to-action


Do you have a compelling call-to-action for your customers?

A call-to-action, or CTA, essentially spells out what a visitor needs to do to take the next step.

There are two forms of CTA: a soft CTA, and a hard CTA.

A soft CTA implies what a visitor needs to do through engagement tactics, while a hard CTA explicitly outlines the next logical step in the buying process.

A mixture of both types often performs the best.



Managing your leads


We touched upon this briefly above, but one important thing to keep in mind is that your offer – if it’s a good one – is likely to appeal to visitors who are at different stages of the customer journey.

When you present your offer and receive data in return, you’ll notice that some leads are of higher quality than others.

Some are ready to learn more about your business, while others are still at earlier stages. 

Naturally, it’s in the best interests of your business to prioritise the highest-quality leads – so having a process in place that enables you to manage your leads efficiently is essential.


Do you use a CRM system?

If not, it’s time to get one. A customer relationship management platform keeps all your lead data in one place, giving you a full overview of what’s going on, and allowing you to nurture the right leads.

CRMs can also automate some processes, leaving you with more time to grow your brand.


Take our free test to understand how your offers measure up to drive lead generation and sales growth for your products and services.


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