New Majestic ERP Software Platform Roll-Out

12-03-2018 Back

myCloud Media has teamed up with Huddersfield based software business Majestic Interactive to offer the next generation of ERP and ecommerce solutions.

Majestic Huddersfield

Established in 1991, Majestic Interactive has invested over £5 million into the development of Majestic OS, a world class cloud business management platform.

Primarily, myCloud Media is focused on ERP and ecommerce storefronts for manufacturers, wholesalers and online B2B or B2C retailers.

The Majestic ERP and OS helps meet data management / reporting requirements for master product data, manufacturing process control, product distribution, retail and finance.  The system is cloud based and hosted on the AWS platform providing excellent data security and uptime for users anywhere in the world.  Additionally, the system can be integrated with customer EDI platforms for process order fulfilment.

The system breaks the traditional industry norms with unlimited user licensing and zero cost core updates, making it an affordable and attractive development solution for SME's.

Majestic OS

Majestic’s Enterprise customers include companies such as Nisa and CostCutter, Hire Station and Northern Building Plastics.
myCloud Media works with Majestic to roll out the platform to a wider business market helping to deliver project management, onboarding and system deployment.

The suite of business solutions comprise ERP, PLM and WTP software, along with integration for ecommerce storefronts. Visit for more information.

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