Enterprise Adviser Programme with Honley High School


Tim Bennett - myCloud Media Director - has been appointed as an LEP Enterprise Adviser for local secondary school.

LEP Enterprise Advisor Programme

We are delighted to announce that Tim Bennett has been selected to work with Honley High School as part of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership.

By volunteering, Tim has joined a fast-growing national network of Enterprise Advisers who work directly with school and college leaders to bridge the gap between the worlds of education and employment.

While many organisations are already successfully helping to prepare young people for work, this support simply isn’t available consistently across Leeds City Region and what works best to prepare young people for their future opportunities in the world of work isn’t always clear.

We have a challenge. Youth unemployment remains 3 times higher than the national average, yet businesses face a persistent skills shortage that hampers their growth with 33% of employers satisfied with the work readiness of school leavers (LCR business survey).

66% businesses believe work experience is critical for recruitment (CBI) yet only 33% offer it in Leeds City Region (UKCES) and fewer engage in work inspiration activities, at 15% (UKCES).

New British evidence shows that the more employer engagements a young person has in school the less likely they are to become NEET (not in education, employment or training). They have improved confidence in the progression towards their ultimate career goals and over their lifetime their earnings are higher than those with fewer contact opportunities.

With our support and that from our business network, we hope to help local young people unleash their best possible futures. We can inspire and prepare them for the fast-changing world of work and support our aim to deliver a better-skilled, more productive and more prosperous city region.

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