Roadmap to Local SEO Success


Including relevant search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics and viable contact information are deemed to be two of the most important steps towards creating a high-quality, engaging, and usable website.


Following this roadmap infographic, from 99medialab, of 32 steps on local SEO success can guide you in generating a website that is well designed and mobile-responsive.

Key points include the importance of including several external links to optimise your business and a range of sharing options to expand your outreach.

Feature valid contact information to allow users easy access to you, with ample amounts of supporting testimonies and customer reviews to instil trustworthiness and approachability.

Using Google and Facebook business pages with accurate and up to date content also helps to improve your potential website rankings.


32 Steps on Local SEO Success Roadmap [Infographic]

Roadmap to local SEO success



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Article by : Tim Bennett

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