The Advantages of CMS Websites


In today’s technologically advanced digital world, consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to look for products and services. To ensure that your business and your products are found, building a website is the ideal solution.


But once your website is up and running, you’ll undoubtedly want to keep developing it.  Refreshing and adding new text and images is a great way to keep your customers coming back and also helps improve your search engine rankings.

CMS Platforms and why you need a good one


Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) website offers a host of benefits when it comes to managing your content, as we describe below…



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Corporate Website Design


Control Your Own Content – Save Money


The main benefit of opting for a CMS website is that you can manage your own content.  Once your website has been designed and built, you won’t need to employ your professional website developer again unless you require any structural changes to be made.

Through a secure content management system (CMS) you will be able to add to or amend your text and images as often as you like.

A CMS is a simple to use back office portal that allows you to access all of your website pages and make your required changes.  Most content management systems will provide you with standard windows formatting buttons to layout your content however you wish, enabling you to use well-known features such as bolding, underlining, resizing and indenting.  Images are simply and easily inserted and positioned on your page and can be enhanced with links to other related pages.

Regularly changing your home page and landing page content to highlight specific products or to communicate special offers is the perfect way to keep your visitors coming back again and again.  Showing them that there’s something different to look at each time they visit will inspire them to click through and look at more of your product range.


Regularly Add Fresh Content


Another benefit of using a CMS website is that you can regularly add new pages and fresh content through news stories, blog articles and case studies.  Not only does this give your visitors something new to look at each time they visit your site, but it helps you to be found by search engines such as Google.

As part of your initial CMS website build, a News and Case Study module can be included.  A standard page template will be designed, which all future stories will be published in.  Adding new stories going forward will simply require the inputting of text and images into the standard page format.

A blog is a great way to publish useful information and articles that can help your customers make informed decisions on their product purchase.  If your company operates in a technical industry, a blog site is a great way to advise and educate them on different subjects related to your business and your product/service range.


Improve Your Search Engine Rankings


The ability to manage your website through a content management system (CMS) can also help you improve your rankings on search engines such as Google.

Within the coding of each of your website pages, you can embed a number of keywords and phrases that visitors may search for your products with.  Through the CMS, you can add or amend the meta-data and page titles that are associated with each of your pages, which may help to improve your search engine rankings.


In summary - you need a reliable CMS to help manage your website content


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Article by: Tim Bennett


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