How Small Businesses Can Use Local Mobile Marketing


These days, there a number of tools that small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can use in their marketing strategies, and if you have a mobile app or mobile website, there are some specific local mobile marketing tactics that you can adopt based on a customer's location.


How Small Businesses Can Use Local Mobile Marketing


Carrying out marketing on a local level is one of the best ways to do business with customers, and shouldn't be overlooked. We have outlined some of the most useful approaches that can help you in your marketing efforts in this article.


Send Offers Via Push Notifications

You can use push notifications to send location-based offers to customers via your app. Their location can be targeted down to a radius of a few hundred feet, which means that you can promote goods or services that relate to their area. Most businesses can benefit from this service, from bars and restaurants to shops and local mechanics.


Place A QR Code On Your Premises

Link your QR Code with special events or promotions, perhaps offering a discount coupon, to encourage customers to download your app.


Review Your Analytics

It's essential to evaluate how successful your strategy is and how users are interacting with your mobile app. Dedicating the time and effort to understand customer behaviour can prove to be highly beneficial and means that you can adapt your strategies to better suit their needs.

The data you should be monitoring could include how often users open the app; how long they spend on it; which tabs are used most frequently; and the number of active users.


Offer Rewards For Check-Ins via Social Media

People like to check-in to places on sites such as Facebook, so why not offer them an incentive to do so? An increased amount of check-ins can only improve exposure for your business, as more people see it pop up on their news feeds. There's never been a better time to create hype around your company.

A good idea is to offer specific rewards for checking-in – such as a free item, entry to a competition, or a special discount.


SMS Marketing

Use the power of SMS marketing to get your message into the hands of your customers for local mobile marketing.  Read "Why SMS Text Message Marketing Is Worth The Effort" to find out more.


Mobile Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses [Infographic]

There are a number of tools that SMEs can use in their marketing strategies - check out our handy infographic for more tips.


How Small Businesses Can Use Local Mobile Marketing


If you are considering using SMS mobile marketing to promote your brand, products or services, myCloud Media can help.  Please get in touch to learn more – 0800 849 0888



Article by: Tim Bennett

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