Why Your Business Needs Digital Superheroes


If you’re an SME business, you’ve probably built yourself a small yet effective team of superheroes that jump in exactly when you need them to.


I like to call them ‘Fixit’ teams; problem-solvers who are always running around, mopping up problems as they arise, and keeping your tech systems ticking over nicely.


Why Your Business Needs Digital Superheroes


These IT guys and girls are underrated. They are the unsung heroes that keep every business operating. But this year has been a wake-up call. It’s shown businesses that they can’t rely on IT Fixers alone. They need more.


IT Fixers vs IT Partners


IT Fixers and IT Partners often get grouped together into the same category. In fact, I’ve seen first-hand how external tech suppliers are regularly pulled in to support internal teams. But the truth is that Fixers and Partners do two different things. And to really thrive, you need to be making use of both.

IT Fixers are reactive. Their role is to respond to real-time issues and problems to minimise downtime, reduce sticking points that can slow down operations, and keep your existing tech infrastructure strong, secure, and running smoothly. They’re your essential maintenance crew.

IT Partners are proactive. Rather than simply fixing problems, they offer a range of tech services and actively look for ways to support the business in the long term. They work to identify new tech that can make life easier, find ways to improve processes and aim to boost all-round efficiency.


Do you need both?


Honestly, until now most businesses were getting on fine with just their IT Fixers. But the COVID-19 crisis stopped us all in our tracks and really forced us to look at things, didn’t it?

Consider how vastly unprepared pretty much every business was for the overnight shift to remote working. It was a logistical nightmare. And it was a nightmare because businesses had always been looking backwards, focusing on fixing what they already had. If they’d looked forwards to find ways to develop more resilient processes, things might have been easier. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!


Be prepared


To navigate business challenges – whatever they may be – you need to look backwards and forwards.

By working closely with good digital IT Partners, as well as internal Fixers, you can ensure you’re covering all bases. Your critical IT ‘Fixit’ team is around to support your technology infrastructure, while your digital Partners search for ways to drive organisational growth.

This could be through introducing new websites and CMS platforms, finding better hosting, or improving CRM and data security. It could also extend into ERP software implementation, AI and machine learning, identifying the next generation of technology to future-proof your business.


Ready to add resilience to your IT setup?


It makes sense, doesn’t it? Check out our various strategic support services, or book a 30-minute telephone meeting with me – Tim.

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