Introducing the 5 principles of ETHIC for sustainable business development in the 2020's


ETHIC - Education, Technology, Health, Innovation and Climate Change. Five of the cornerstone principles for the future of sustainable business development.


Introducing the 5 principles of ETHIC for sustainable business development


Video transcript


It's a bit of a wet and damp Saturday morning, and I've just done a spot of local shopping, then I thought I'd take myself off on the hills, for a bit of a wander.

And so while I was doing this I was thinking about ETHIC. Now ETHIC is a new project centred around AI, artificial intelligence and machine learning and it stands for Education, Technology, Health, Innovation, and Climate change

I believe that these are five principles that are really going to determine the success of businesses in the 2020's.


ETHIC intro 12 Dec 2020 from Tim Bennett on Vimeo.


Businesses are going to have to educate themselves, their workforce, and ensure that they are up to speed with what's available. 

They need to embrace technology. By embracing technology means utilising everything that's available to them to make their businesses more efficient, more profitable, better for the workforce, and their clients and customers. 

Health is really important. If we don't have a healthy workforce, we can't be profitable and we'll get lots of problems. And we need to ensure the health of ourselves, our workforce, and ultimately, the health of our business is in good shape.

The fourth thing is innovation. And this is what really excites me. Innovation is about looking for opportunities in the marketplace, looking at trends, looking at what's happening right now, what's going to happen, where we can adapt and change right now, but also what's happening in the medium and long term. How can we develop our business principles? How can we develop business operations and really embrace innovation? What can we invent, to make not only our company and ourselves famous, but what can we innovate, to make the world a better place for everybody?

And I think one of the most important principles is our focus on climate. So the fifth principle, climate change, and how our businesses, how we as individuals, impact on the climate, there is only one planet. And that planet is what we need to take care of and look after. So it's important for us to adopt good business practices, ecologically healthy business practices that can help make our business sustainable for the future.

So I hope that's sort of made some sense. I'm going to carry on with my wet walk and see where it takes me. So speak to you again soon. Bye.



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