Top 3 Buyer Personas for Tech Companies


Successful businesses understand the importance of using content to guide their customers along the buying journey.


What’s not always as easy to understand is what sort of content will have the best effect.

The truth is that there’s no definitive answer. It depends on who’s doing the buying...


The Top 3 Buyer Personas for Tech Businesses


So… just who is doing the buying?


Probably more people than you think. According to Gartner, B2B buying decisions are now undertaken by an average of 6-10 people.

This means that, for best effect, your content planning strategies should be taking into account a number of different buyer personas.


Here are the three examples of the most common buyer personas in Tech.

Tailor your content to these people and you’ll be aiming at the right audience.



1. The C-Level Exec


C-Level Exec Buyer Persona - My Cloud Media


The C-level executive isn’t always going to be particularly interested in the ins and outs of your product. They probably don’t want to know everything about features or functionality.

Instead, they’re likely to be more interested in whether the product will help them increase revenue, or innovate, or grow, or enter new markets.

When they see a problem or an obstacle, they want to find a solution to overcome the challenge.


Content considerations:

Consider creating interactive content, like ROI calculators that help the C-level Exec translate your solution into financial terms.

Case studies and customer success stories can help attract this buyer persona, too, along with ‘About Us’ pages that highlight competence and expertise.



2. The End-User or Business Unit Manager


End-User / Manager Buyer Persona - My Cloud Media


Unlike the C-level Exec, the End-User or Business Unit Manager definitely is interested in the ins and outs. Their overall business objectives and budgets have already been agreed upon internally and mapped out for their team.

Their interest will be piqued more by discovering how a product or service can help them work more efficiently and boost their productivity.

The End-User wants to know what a product can do, how it can help them, and where it can fit into day-to-day operations.


Content considerations:

Consider creating in-depth product descriptions that proactively answer questions, along with white papers and case studies that focus on the specific needs of the end-user.

User documentation, free trials, and other forms of hands-on content can really make a big difference here.



3. The Technical Director


Technical Director Buyer Persona - My Cloud Media


For our purposes, the Technical Director falls somewhere between the C-level executive and the End-User.

They’re interested in both the business-wide impact and the usability of the product, as well as focusing on feasibility and the realistic challenges of implementation.

This buyer persona needs to be certain that they won’t find a better solution elsewhere; not from a competitor, or from their own in-house technical team.


Content considerations:

Consider creating support pages and knowledge bases to help with the execution side of things.

Trials, demos, and competitive comparison charts can also be helpful for differentiating from the rest.

And straight-talking T&Cs can be a good ‘last mile’ decision motivator.



An insider perspective


At myCloud, we work closely with Tech businesses who are trying to engage with these three distinct decision-makers.

And one thing that we’ve found is that a lot of companies all make the same mistake. They create content that focuses on one buyer persona, but tend to overlook the other two.

A good content strategy is an inclusive content strategy; one that gives every decision-maker exactly what they need.

According to a 2019 McKinsey report, only 20% of businesses believe they excel at decision making. So it's up to us, and you, to help them...



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We’ll help you to create blogs, infographics, videos, and other types of content that speak to today’s decision-makers.

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