There Has Never Been A Better Time To Launch Your New Project Online


Thinking about starting a new business, or launching an exciting new project?

You’re not alone...


Despite the challenges that have arisen over the last year, one ‘silver lining’ – if we can call it that – of the situation is that it’s created a number of new opportunities for keen entrepreneurs wanting to succeed. 


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Launch Your New Project Online


While 2020 saw 396,155 businesses close their doors, it also saw the launch of 407,510 new projects, thanks to the widespread shift in the use of digital services and online shopping.

The shift to online had been taking place gradually over the past few years, but the pandemic has massively accelerated this shift.

Today, more people than ever – both B2C and B2B customers – have switched their buying habits, probably for good.


What’s sparked the change?


Partly the closure of non-essential brick and mortar stores under lockdown regulations.

Partly the uncertainty about heading outside to busy places.

And partly the fact that many former in-person shoppers have now experienced the convenience of being able to shop from home.

It’s clear that there’s never been a better time to launch a new project online.



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Important considerations


Launching a project online is easy, right? After all, some of the biggest obstacles standing in the way – like overheads and finding a venue to launch the project – are eradicated online.

But assuming that launching a project online is a piece of cake is a mistake. While usually easier, online launches still come with their own set of considerations that must be taken into account.

Let’s take a look at three aspects that are important to think about.


Your website


1. Your website


If you’re launching a project online, building a website is absolutely essential.

This is how you’re going to get your project in front of the right eyes.

Development services should be one of the first things you think about, ensuring that your new project has a strong and resilient digital presence and SERPs listing.


Your strategy


2. Your strategy


Successfully launching a new project online means having a solid strategy – right from the very start – that helps you transform your plans into action.

Strategic services offered by agencies cover a wide range of areas, including digital marketing, content planning, SEO, and other ways to get your project seen.


Your message


3. Your message


No matter what type of project you’re launching, you should have a clearly defined message that you want to communicate and share with your target audience.

The right creative services can help you deliver this message clearly and effectively, through images, videos, emails, logo design and branding.



At myCloud, we offer development, strategic, and creative services, giving you everything you need under one roof. We can enable you to address the essential prerequisites of launching a project online.

We’ll help ensure that your project attracts the right people, engages potential customers, and achieves its goals.


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