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Powerhouse Digital - WordPress Website Design

Powerhouse Digital was founded by Tim Bennett in 2017, with a vision to help companies optimise business performance through new software development and implementation. The Huddersfield-based consultancy works with companies in the IOT space to improve efficiencies in manufacturing and supply chains.

It specialises in developing IoT monitoring systems and data visualisation solutions for manufacturing and technical engineering businesses, such as the industrial door and loading bay sector. By identifying areas where efficiencies can be improved or processes changed, energy consumption is reduced, delivering cash and environmental benefits.

The business is focused on supporting the supply chain for the warehouse and distribution sector, which has experienced an unprecedented uptake in demand due to the explosion of internet shopping and home delivery needs.

This is highlighting the need for better servicing and maintenance for key supply chain equipment such as loading bay doors, to avoid rising costs and a damaging environmental impact.

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Industrial IoT specialist Powerhouse Digital crowned ‘Most Innovative’  in national innovator awards

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the concept of bringing together data collected from various sensor devices in connected environments that can be analysed and acted upon to help boost operational efficiency of machinery and day-to-day activities. IoT is already having a huge impact on everything from domestic kitchens to industrial loading bay doors. But now, with more and more advances across the IoT sector, the capabilities of the concept are growing rapidly.

Industry is one of the worst offenders in terms of carbon footprint, accounting for 23% of total greenhouse gas emissions today. Many businesses operating in the industrial sector are already starting to digitise processes and utilise AI and machine learning. By incorporating IoT into these growth and development strategies, they can help reduce their carbon footprint through more accurate forecasting, preventative maintenance, environmental monitoring, better use of renewable energy and design of energy efficiency policies.

I am delighted that our work has been recognised by this award. I am passionate about using technology to drive future solutions, working smarter for the benefit of our planet. Climate change is a real phenomenon and, with the right support, industry can start making significant inroads in carbon footprint reduction through the use of smart data today.

Tim Bennett, Founder - Powerhouse Digital

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