LoCho - Low Carb Baker - Shopify Ecommerce Website


LoCho - Low Carb Baker - Shopify Ecommerce Website

LoCho is your friendly low-carb baker, specialising in nutritious, super-fresh, REAL bread!

LoCho delivers fresh bread, bursting with flavour, direct to your door with a range of scrumptious loaves and rolls that fit in with every low carb lifestyle.

The history of LoCho can be traced back to 1945, when the Haigh family’s first bakery was opened in Guiseley.

Today, lower carb alternatives, like LoCho bread, make healthy living a little more straightforward. The bakery has designed our lower carb bread to reduce dietary carbs, without compromising on nutrition.

My Cloud Media are proud to have created a new ecommerce store to launch and showcase the brand with the Shopify platform storefront. Our additional ongoing digital marketing support focuses on building consumer sales via Amazon, social media and content marketing.

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We are renowned for our quality of bread and to be able to transfer this finely honed skill into a lower carb alternative, we’re confident that this is unrivalled. We are growing our success online with My Cloud Media.

Adam Haigh - Founder & Bread Alchemist - Locho the Low-Carb Baker

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