Pacific Lifestyle - Ecommerce Website and ERP System Integration


How myCloud Media helped Pacific Lifestyle exceed £5million in online sales.


Pacific Lifestyle - Ecommerce - ERP - Digital Marketing


Huddersfield based Pacific Lifestyle rolled out a new responsive website for their highly successful ecommerce platform with myCloud Media in September 2015 with continued developments and support ongoing through 2020.

Pacific Lifestyle ecommerce website

Following 5 years of sustained sales growth in online sales to trade customers, home furnishings manufacturer and wholesaler, Pacific Lifestyle continues to develop their online presence in B2B sales directly through their ecommerce and website and integration with 3rd party retailers.

Online sales for the company have now exceeded £5million and are continuing to grow month on month, even during the Covid-19 lockdown crisis.


ERP Software integration

Bespoke ecommerce web development integrated the company's ERP business management software with the website.

The website showcases real-time stock position for over 2,000 product lines in categories including, lighting, furniture, outdoor furniture and home gifts.  Registered trade customers are able to purchase via secure accounts for product delivery within 48 hours to high street, out-of-town and online stores.

The website has enjoyed over 8 million page views since the launch of the original online store in 2013.  The new mobile ready website is designed to further promote the Pacific Lifestyle brand and make online ordering more efficient for the company's retail customers.


Digital marketing support

myCloud Media provides ongoing support to the in-house team with content planning, content delivery and automated email marketing with the Force24 platform.


Pacific Lifestyle January Furniture Show

Pacific Lifestyle Spring Fair 2020



Visit the website :

Pacific Lifestyle


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