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Company:    Easilift Loading Systems

Industry:    Manufacturing - UK / Europe
About them:    Loading Systems UK, based in West Yorkshire, is part of the Loading Systems Group; one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial doors and loading bay equipment. For over 50 years they have manufactured, supplied, installed and serviced industrial doors and loading bay solutions to a number of different industries across the UK.
Website:    www.loading-systems.co.uk

Services provided:

•    Marketing automation
•    Email marketing
•    Social media marketing
•    SEO / PPC
•    Video marketing
•    Content creation


Testimonial Rob Fay, MD

“We sell solutions not just products to our customers so it’s important they know all about what we have to offer and how we can help their business. 

myCloud Media have been instrumental in shaping our approach and attitude to marketing by bringing us into the 21st century with the use of targeted campaigns, digital media and automated platforms. 

We can now reach out to our customers and prospects in a timely and professionally manner, which in turn has led to an increase in the number of sales leads generated.”


Ealift Loading Systems


The Background

Easilift Loading Systems (ELS) wanted to increase their presence in the world of loading bay equipment and industrial doors.  Following the development of a new UK Drupal website in 2016, we assisted in the transition to an international group website in 2018.  The ongoing brief was then to increase lead generation by producing an annual marketing campaign to enhance their visibility in the market place and to the relevant industries.


What we did

We continue to create specific targeted and timely marketing campaigns using a combination of landing pages, email and social media marketing, including imagery design, video production, content planning, SEO and content writing.

To enable ELS to nurture the sales leads generated from each campaign Force24 is the platform engaged for marketing automation purposes allowing all email messages to be personalised, segmented and highly targeted.


‘Safety Campaign’

With an improved and enhanced product on the market, ELS were open to our idea of using a different approach to engage with their target audience.  What followed was the Safety Campaign.  Using a production company to film the product in action the focus of the edited commercial was on the human element, in other words, ‘Keep your loved ones safe at all times!’

Implementing a tried and tested approach to customer engagement, we produced a series of targeted and personalised emails using the Force24 platform.  These emails were automatically sent out to their existing customer database over the course of the campaign taking the recipient on a journey, from introducing the product, to act now!

To reach a further prospective audience we created social media cards based on imagery from the commercial and an infographic on safety statistics within the industry.  Each card was posted on Twitter daily and Linkedin every few days and contained direct links to the commercial and landing page.


Easilift Loading Systems Safety Social

Safety Campaign Twitter

Safety Campaign LinkedIn

Safety Social Campaign Infographic

Loading Systems Email Automation



Covid-19 Service Support Campaign’

With the unprecedented events of recent months ELS needed to act fast to advise its customers the actions they had taken to keep their staff and customers safe.   They were granted key worker status to ensure the food industry remained operational around the clock to keep the nation fed.

Within 48 hours we had designed and delivered a personalised email marketing campaign sent to the entire customer database.

Supporting this we created a series of social media cards to advise the industry at large and prospective clients how ELS were handing the situation including a key message regarding their 24/7 onsite engineers service support team.


Easilift Loading Systems Service Support Campaign



‘Do the Fandango! Campaign’

With literally an all singing, all dancing new product to market ELS turned to us to help create a full video, email and social media marketing campaign.  The Universal Bridge Plate – nicknamed the Fandango as it literally dances into position, was designed to bring flexibility to loading bays.

We took a production crew to site to film the Fandango in action in order to create a video marketing campaign.  Using ELS’ customer and prospective database we created a targeted and personalised email campaign via the Force 24 automated marketing platform.

Twitter and Linkedin social media cards were also created to support the campaign with direct video links of the Fandango in action.


Easilift Loading Systems fandango Infographic




‘Unbroken Cold Chain! Campaign’

From Farm to Fork – and how ELS help to maintain an Unbroken Cold Chain was the message ELS wanted us to ensure reached key players in the food industry!


Armed with lots of statistical information on this subject we created an infographic in order to present the data quickly and clearly.  Infographics are an excellent way to improve cognition as they enhance the human visual systems ability to see patterns and trends.


The infographic was also used to produce a series of social media cards to reach a larger online digital audience.

Easilift Loading Systems Unbroken Cold Chain Infographic



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