Top Tips for Email Marketing


We all know the feeling of opening your message box to find 100 spam memos and several irrelevant promotional emails. Read on for great email marketing tips.


Surveys suggest that 40% of adults report to ‘never read’ marketing emails, whilst a staggering 80% of US adults receive unnecessary emails weekly!

So how do we create an email that is practically guaranteed a read?


According to GetResponse, emails with personalised subject lines have a 25% increase in opening rates, resulting in a 30% increase compared to non-personalised emails.

They recommend addressing your clients by name wherever possible; personal details such as location and past purchases should be included, and direct language should be used.

End by signing off with your own title, and giving the client ways to contact you directly.

Study the infographic below, by Backlinko and Iconicontent, to get you started.


The Perfect Email: How to Get Opened, Read and Responded [Infographic]

Email marketing how to write a marketing email that gets opened



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Article by: Tim Bennett

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