Email Marketing

Blog posts and articles are great ways to engage with on-site visitors.

But how are you nurturing relationships between visits?

Reaching out to leads and customers via email can strengthen loyalty, keep your brand in your audience’s mind, and encourage repeat visits – and repeat business.

We’ve partnered with Force24 to automate email outreach and help you manage campaigns with ease.


Use regular and targeted email marketing to reach new prospects and maintain regular contact with customers.

Force24 Marketing Automation


As Force24 Platinum Partners, myCloud Media manage ongoing email campaigns for many clients in the B2B and B2C sectors helping promote products and services across a wide range of industries.

Data management to stringent GDPR and direct marketing regulations ensures that your emails adhere to industry best practices.  Data acquisition on behalf of clients is undertaken from double opt-in sources and delivery of hyper-personalised emails is always via trusted email marketing partners.

We deliver thousands of ultra-relevant emails every week, provide feedback of open and click-through rates, plus provide integration of follow up telesales activity and appointment booking.

Our email marketing services are proven to boost website traffic, increase sales and raise brand awareness.


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Email Marketing Projects:


Easilift Loading Systems

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Our Email Marketing Service explained...


myCloud Media’s email marketing service provides an effective email service tailored to the client’s needs and aims. The primary objective of the email marketing service is to raise awareness of a company, its brands, its products or services and drive traffic to the website.

Email marketing is an effective electronic direct marketing tool that is fast, cost-effective and fully transparent.


Tailoring our Service for your Needs

At myCloud Media we understand that every client is different. Our team of account managers ensure they have an in-depth knowledge of a client’s business from the very beginning, enabling them to provide email marketing activity tailored for you.

Our Approach

We assess each client and their target markets individually. We will work closely with you to agree the email marketing strategy. Our approach involves the following:

Email account set up:

We are an exclusive Force24 Platinum Partner and use the award-winning, tried and tested internet-based email management and marketing automation solution. For a monthly subscription fee, Force24 allows users to create emails and microsites, manage data, track results - in real-time and in granular detail - and build customised automated journeys for customer and prospect engagement as often as required.


Design email templates

To ensure your emails reflect your company brand, our designers and account managers will set up email templates that will form the basis for campaigns going forward. Your email templates will include your company logo, your brand styling, links to your website, links to your social media accounts and general contact information.


Database collation and upload


Creating and issuing emails

As soon as an email template has been designed and data has been uploaded into the system, we can start to create finalised emails. Working from a client brief, we will incorporate text and imagery into the layout and include links to your website. Test emails are issued for review and approval before the final email is issued to the designated contacts. Emails can be distributed immediately or scheduled for a future delivery date and time.


Analysis and data download

Following the issuing of an email, we can start to monitor the results immediately. Force 24 is completely transparent and tracks the number of email opens, click-throughs, forwards, opt-outs and bounces.

If required, data can be extracted and downloaded into a spreadsheet format for further analysis and follow-up by sales teams.

Through lead scoring and automation, contact with prospects and customers can be easily managed and maintained.


The Results

Our service wins business for our clients time and time again. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways for you to keep in touch with your customers, so why not take advantage of our service for your business today...



Marketing Automation

Learn How Marketing Automation can Transform your Sales Growth

Should my company use marketing automation? If you’d like to streamline sales and marketing and grow sales, then the answer is yes!


myCloud Media work with a range of clients successfully managing email marketing activity on their behalf. If you would like to hear first-hand from our happy clients about our service, our approach, our methods and our results, then simply let us know and we can provide both written and verbal testimonials.



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