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Whether you’re looking to sell a specific product or generate new leads, every marketing campaign has a purpose.

Increase the chance of hitting your goal with targeted landing pages that communicate what a visitor needs to do to take the next step.

We use Force24 microsites to help clients develop persuasive ‘squeeze pages’ that guide visitors towards a specific outcome.


Microsites are the ideal way to create marketing campaign website pages for promotions and data capture.


Sometimes called "squeeze pages", microsites are usually designed with one purpose in mind - encourage the visitor to take your chosen course of action, for example; register for a new product or service, sign-up to marketing messages or blog content, share data in exchange for a digital download such as an eBook or register for a webinar or online course.



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Digital Marketing Support


Design principles for effective microsites


Force24 Microsites


Using the right look and feel for your landing pages is very important.  You should ensure the design and your branding are in synch with the rest of your website in order for your visitors to feel comfortable with the page UI and UX.

Force24 Microsites are normally stand-alone pages with their own unique url and support the requirements of your marketing campaign.  They are managed within the Force24 portal and easily built using a drag-and-drop editor to manage the layout components.

You'll see us using many microsites throughout our website to support individual downloads for eBooks or for booking demos and consultation calls, as with the example shown below.  Why not try out the process for yourself and request a free demo to learn first-hand how the process works as part of the powerful marketing automation platform.


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