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When a new prospect visits your website, checks your social profiles, or downloads a brochure, the first thing they’ll see is your logo.

First impressions count. Don’t fall at the first hurdle.

Instil trust and spark interest with a logo that gets your message across clearly and powerfully.

Our logo design services turn your values into an instantly recognisable graphic.


Do I need a good logo design? Simple answer: Yes.


Your logo is your first point of contact with your potential customers. It’s part of your identity and has an impact on your customers’ impression of your organisation. It should reflect your brand’s message and be instantly recognisable.



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What makes a great logo?


A great logo is one that’s unique, distinctive and memorable. It needs to work at any size and in any location to reflect your brand identity.


Key steps in logo design


Understand your brand’s core personality. Think about important values and beliefs of your organisation: what sets it apart, what makes it special. How can this be visualised in your logo?

For inspiration look at what companies in similar sectors have as logos; check your competitors. Do you want similar designs and colours to identify the sector you are in, or something completely different to make you stand out?


Choose a style. For example – do you want your logo to be trendy or classic? Remember if you intend to be around for a long time, a trendy logo will soon look dated. Retro and vintage logos evoke nostalgic feelings – great if history is important to your business, but perhaps not ideal if you’re at the cutting edge of technology (where you might be better selecting a clean minimalist style for your logo design).


Think too about colour. There’s a lot of psychology around colours and what they stand for. Red is exciting and loud, whereas at the other end of the rainbow, purple oozes luxury, mystery and femininity. If you want to play it safe, green works in any situation – and of course has great environmental credentials.


Choose a type – different from logo style, there are 7 distinct logotypes:

  1. Lettermark – think BBC or ITV
  2. Wordmarks – which need distinctive typography – think eBay or Coca-Cola
  3. Pictorial marks – instantly visually recognisable – Apple or Twitter are good examples
  4. Abstract logo marks – geometric forms that become identifiable symbols, such as the Pepsi logo.
  5. Mascots – Cartoon-style characters that define a brand – think Michelin Man or Bertie Bassett.
  6. Combination mark – BT and Amazon combine symbols with their names to create logos
  7. Emblem – similar to combination marks, a combo of words and pictures – think BMW or Starbucks.


What about the typography? Again there’s a huge choice of fonts – divided into 4 main types:

The font you choose will depend on the brand identity you want to establish.


Finally – look at your newly designed logo and ask yourself:


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