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Businesses can run email marketing campaigns more efficiently, spending less time and using fewer resources, by utilising well-built templates.

A high-quality email template can be reused again and again, tailored and personalised for each communication, and each stage of the campaign.

We’ve developed this service to help organisations optimise their resources and drive greater ROI from their email marketing efforts.


Using an impactful and well-designed email template for your communications helps quickly convert your call-to-action messages into sales leads.


A good email template is a design which you can use repeatedly for different email campaigns simply by copying and pasting new content into the file.

If you prefer something more exciting and engaging, a live email template is one which can automatically include content from your website – whether that’s the latest special offers, new products or anything else you’d like to communicate!



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What are the advantages of an email template?


  • Great design helps boost click-through rates
  • Branding within email design builds customer awareness of your company
  • Promote your sales message concisely         
  • Delight your prospects           
  • Build trust with your audience


Force24 Email template Design



Customer engagement

It’s fairly well known that most people will immediately delete an email if it doesn’t look interesting or well designed.

Of course this means that your message doesn’t reach its intended target. However, a well-designed email landing in your inbox will arouse curiosity, increase click-through and ultimately customer engagement.

Saves time

But developing and designing the perfect email takes time. If your business regularly uses email marketing do you have the resources to create a new email for each campaign? And will each campaign be as successful as the last? And depending on the complexity of your campaign, each new email design may need testing or approval from various parties within the business.

Using a tried, tested and approved email template will allow you to spend time creating the perfect content instead of reinventing the design.


It will ensure brand consistency by allowing you to build your brand or corporate identity into the template itself – design, logo, colours, values and message all can be included. This also helps to develop brand awareness that your email subscribers will want to interact with.


What about personalisation?

Personalisation is cited by the majority of organisations as being crucial to success.

Using an email template makes personalisation easy – including the subscriber’s name within the plugin content is a basic step, but using a live email template makes it possible to personalise further; you might want to include specific content based on the subscriber's actions - this can be done with the Force24 Genius Blocks system.


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