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Building websites from scratch takes time.

It also increases the risk of page-to-page inconsistencies that make navigating your site more difficult for visitors.

Website templates make it quicker and easier for you to develop your site in an effective way.

They allow you to deliver your message, share information, and provide a fantastic on-site experience that drives customers towards conversion.


Our website template design service is an integral part of the website design and development for the majority of our projects.


You will want the look and feel of your new website to be unique, inspiring, on-brand and have the ability to work hard as your "silent salesman" converting new leads and attracting new sales.

All of our website projects are designed to your requirements and built from the ground up.

Website templates form the pre-designed web page layouts which are made available in a website's Content Management System (CMS), enabling businesses to create consistent page formats using their own content and images to personalise them to their organisations' brand guidelines.

Website templates offer a great time-saving alternative to building new web pages from scratch and ensure your website admin team all use the agreed page layouts when adding new content to your live website.


Bespoke designed website templates help speed up the content management process and reduce the cost of developing new web page formats.

They make visualising your organisation’s new web pages easy – your branding, images and content can be dropped into any of the vast arrays of professionally designed options to create the look you desire – an important starting point that saves many hours of developing and adjusting needed to create just the base layout for website landing pages and blogs.



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What can be included in a website template?

Not all templates are equal, so it is important to create one that can accommodate all the functions you require for your website.

Think about how the web pages will help convert visitors to customers and what their experience will be when they land on each page.

As a minimum you’ll want to include text, images and a contact form, but do you also want slideshows, videos, dynamic image galleries, links to other pages, downloadable content, animations, chat pop-ups and a shopping cart? Or anything else?

All or any of these features can be incorporated into your website, provided to you via the website's CMS.

Another factor to consider is keeping your new website fresh and up-to-date. This is important in improving SEO and your ability to attract and engage with existing and potential customers.


For this reason, you’ll need to consider how straightforward it is to update and maintain your site.


You'll want to check out our CMS and UX / UI service pages for more information too...

Remember the majority of websites are accessed on smartphones so it’s very likely that yours will be too. To ensure your potential customers can access your website while they’re on the move, we always create a website template that is responsive and therefore viewable on all devices.


If you’re looking to have a new and attractive website created, myCloud Media’s website design packages will give you:


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