Video Production

Your customers can be your biggest and most influential marketers.

Encouraging loyal fans to share content with their own follower base is a great way to extend reach beyond your own pool. However, not all content is share-worthy.

You can increase the chance of your content being shared by translating your message into more engaging video content that captures attention.


Video is great for attracting – and engaging with – visitors to your website and is a key part of your organisation’s online success.



A video is a creative way to get you noticed, get your message shared and drive more traffic to your website.

Videos are a good way to get your message across in a format that is easily digested. Information that can be seen and heard can help deliver a message more quickly than having to read pages of information.



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Active engagement

Website visitors will spend more time on your website if there is something interesting to watch and listen. Make your video entertaining as well as informative. It will be more memorable and more likely to be shared.

Search engines love fresh content and videos can be used to boost SEO. Use targeted keywords in the title, tags and description and increase your website’s reach by sharing the videos on social media networks and uploading onto channels such as YouTube. Include strong calls to action to drive more visitors to your webpages.


Recruitment video for Easilift Loading Systems

Product video for Easilift Loading Systemsitle


Show who you are

Use video to demonstrate your organisation’s culture and personality – perhaps a short film of your team on some project. This strengthens the customer-company relationship by helping potential customers get to know you. People buy from people they know.

Differentiate your organisation from the competition with a customised video. Are you highly specialised? Even if you’re not, you’ll have something unique to offer. So what is it? Highlight your USPs to make you stand out from the crowd. Your USP might just be that you’ve made the effort to create a video!

Once you’ve made a video, include it in your email marketing campaigns.


Build your reputation

Keep people returning to your website by adding new videos. To add value, make sure videos are useful and informative. Good videos add authority and help build trust with potential customers and can be used to encourage viewers to take specific buying actions.

Make a longer video and break it into short segments to be released one at a time – like a good TV serial it should give a snapshot of what the next video will contain and when it can be seen.


In Summary

Video is a great addition to your email marketing campaigns




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