Content Planning

They say that ‘Content is King’. But not all content was created equal, and some performs measurably better.

The secret to success is providing audiences with the content they need, when they need it.

Content planning helps to ensure you’re covering relevant topics – and publishing new content to a strategic schedule, to both attract and better engage with readers.


You may have the slickest, visually based, most attractive website – with beautiful images and gorgeous colour themes – but if there’s little in the way of content, how is a prospective customer going to find you?


With most people making buying decisions based on what they find on the internet via search, good content is not just king... it’s crucial.


How search engines work

Put simply, when potential customers type a word or phrase into Google or other search engines, the query sends spiders scuttling through the internet in search of content that’s relevant and useful to the enquirers. The trustworthiness of the information discovered is also checked.

It follows then that if your website doesn’t have relevant, useful and trustworthy content, it won’t show up in the potential customers’ search and they won’t be able to take that first step in buying the product or service you’re supplying.

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Content isn’t just for search engines though

Once your potential customers arrive at your website, they want to be able to find information easily. If it’s too difficult to uncover what they’re searching for, or the information isn’t presented in a way that’s easy to understand, they won’t stay long. They also won’t stay long if they’ve read it all before or the content is out of date or irrelevant.

This is why great content is vital – and let’s be honest, writing it is time-consuming and not always easy. But even if you’re a master at creating good content, that’s only the beginning.


Enter great content planning …

To make sure each piece of content you deliver returns the most valuable results, you need to decide how frequently to post, which platform to post on, when the best time to post is, what format it should take and to make sure the content is fresh and relevant. It takes a huge amount of campaign planning.

So let myCloud Media take care of this for you. Whether it’s blog posts, email newsletters, press releases, promotions, competitions – by agreeing on a content plan with you, we can create a campaign that gets your content optimised and shared far and wide.

Key service features include:

  • Structured planned format    
  • Scalable    
  • Quarterly campaign management    
  • Monthly campaign targets    
  • Performance KPIs easy to track    
  • Full team visibility    
  • Blog planning    
  • Social media posts scheduling    
  • Email scheduling
  • PPC Ad planning and scheduling


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