You may have the most captivating content. Or the highest ranking website.

But that doesn’t matter if your visitors can’t work out how to convert.

Websites have to make it easy for visitors to take the next step.

That means building a site that’s intuitive, simple to navigate, and offers a user interface and experience visitors want to engage with.


The terms UX and UI are often used interchangeably but they mean different things.


UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface.


UX design is a ‘human-first’ way of product design, where the user experience ‘encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products’.

Its ultimate aim is to create easy, efficient, relevant, and all-round pleasant experiences for the user by identifying and solving user problems whatever the product. Good UX design for a website has to consider how the user’s experience makes that user feel. Is it easy for them to accomplish their desired tasks? For example: can they find the information they need quickly or can they make purchases easily? It’s more about interaction and less about the visuals.

UI design applies only to digital interfaces; it’s about the look and feel of websites, apps or devices, their presentation and interactivity. Good UI design ensures that the user interface is as intuitive as possible – the icons and buttons, typography and colour schemes, spacing, imagery, and responsive design all need to be designed so the user doesn’t have to think too much. UI transfers the brand’s strengths and visual assets to a product’s interface, making sure the design is consistent, coherent, and aesthetically pleasing. Can you have one without the other?


A great product experience starts with great UX followed by great UI. Both are essential for a website’s success.



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Corporate Website Design


It’s no good having a beautiful website with a gorgeous colour scheme and fabulous images if it’s not easy to use, nor a brilliant user-friendly website that no-one’s going to visit because it looks awful! Great UI can’t overcome poor UX and vice-versa.

So if you want your website to be one that continues to attract visitors and build relationships with potential customers, you’ll need to have your UX and UI spot on.


myCloud Media services include UX and UI design. Remember great UX and great UI combined =




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