You’ve developed a fantastic website. Great!

But how does anyone know your website is there? SEO can help.

We’ve developed a comprehensive SEO service that goes beyond keywords to optimise your website for Google’s 200+ ranking factors.

We help to improve your website’s rank, boost brand visibility, and drive more traffic to your website to maximise the chance of conversion.


SEO is the first element in ‘inbound marketing’ – the technique for drawing customers to your website – and the mechanism by which you can improve your search rankings and start engaging with potential new customers. One of its major components is the use of keywords.

A search engine, such as Google, is web-based software designed to look for the key elements of a website page (such as the title, content, and density of certain words) that best match the user’s query. It uses the data it finds to create those familiar pages of results you see when you’ve been searching the internet – and ranks them by popularity and authority.

To improve SEO rankings and attract potential customers, you need to choose the right keywords and phrases. But what might these be? And once you’ve worked out which are the best ones, how do you use them? Is it OK to just write content peppered with the keywords? (It’s not by the way …)

Even if you’ve mastered the art of creating great content and blogs, how can you tell if it’s doing the trick? Are your keywords and phrases working for you? Do you know how to measure the results and how can you improve them?

Remember, if your business isn’t visible to the search engines it won’t appear when a potential customer searches for what you have to offer (unless they know you already and are looking specifically for you). Your website might look wonderful but it may as well not be there!



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Digital Marketing Support


So if you want your business to be on that first page (because most searchers don’t look far beyond it) it’s vital that you embrace SEO!


This is where myCloud Media can help you. Our SEO support features:

Our SEO work is aimed at improving search engine placement for your website in the organic listings. The service also encompasses search engine marketing (SEM), online PR, brand building and increasing the website’s visibility through a structured planned approach working alongside your team.


For more information about SEO and keywords download our guide.


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