Humans are naturally visual learners.

So sharing messages using visual representations can be a powerful way to attract new leads and engage with existing customers.

We’ve developed this graphic design service to help businesses translate their written content into captivating infographics, and turn data into educational visualisations.

Our aim is to boost understanding and maximise recall to increase the chance of conversion.


Infographics, as their name suggests, are a way of communicating information and data through the clever use of graphs and pictures.


Using infographics to convey complex facts and figures makes the information easier to understand – far better than presenting page after page of complicated data for potential customers to wade through (or not!)



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The best infographics are those that present information in a concise, entertaining and eye-catching design.


A great infographic can be divided into 3 main elements:

  • Visual = Colour, Graphics and Icons
  • Content = Statistics, Time Frames and References
  • Knowledge = The Facts


Where do I start?

Decide on the information and facts you want to share, then consider the visual balance. How much of your story can be turned into a picture or icon and how much text will you need to keep? What font will you use for the text and what colour? Will you use bold or italics to emphasise a point?

Colour is important too.  A good colour scheme instantly attracts viewers; a bad one will have the opposite effect! Think about the psychological impacts some colours may have and avoid dark colours if your message is intended to deliver very positive information.


How will the infographic be set out?

Spacing and margins are important elements between blocks of content and there also needs to be a visual hierarchy from the title at the top, through subheadings and content (whether that is text, icons or graphics). Keep all repeated types of content – like headers and icons – the same size.

Consider how the data is presented: do you use graphs (and if so, what type?) charts, maps, flowcharts? How can you make your data stand out? Should you use photos – and if so, whose? Remember, there may be copyright issues if you just download them from the internet!

Consider also the size and shape of your infographic. Although most are usually long and vertical, there’s no reason they can’t be square or landscape-orientated. Think about where the infographic is to be published and the platforms it will be shared on.


An attention-grabbing infographic with a link to your website will drive potential new customers to your pages – which all helps with your SEO rankings.

Get these elements right and you’ll have a creative and interesting infographic that people will want to share on social media. While your fabulous infographic is being shared widely, it’s raising awareness of your organisation and brand values. It’s also building your reputation as an expert in your field making you the ‘go-to’ when potential customers are looking for the service or product you provide.


myCloud Media can help you to master the skills of creating brilliant infographics and produce great visuals for your next project.

We have a wide experience of creating compelling infographics that pack plenty of information into a great visual package.

Our infographics have been proven to drive interest and traffic to our clients’ websites.


Features of myCloud media’s infographics include:               

  • Persuasive and eye-catching  
  • Help prove you are the expert            
  • Help generate more traffic     
  • They are easily read, understood, and remembered            
  • Great for SEO 
  • Enable you to connect with your target audience  
  • Sticky and shareable on social media
  • Support landing page and blog content

Infographic Guide to Great Infographics


Got an idea for your next infographic? Let us help you bring those ideas to life.

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