From product descriptions to calls to action, copywriting is essential for any website.

However, the wrong tone can cause visitors to abandon a page before they’ve had a chance to get to know you.

Our copywriting services ensure your website text speaks to your visitors, provides them with the right information, and can be read by algorithms to improve search engine ranking.


Relevant and engaging, well-written content is proven to be a key element in attracting and retaining visitors to your website.


Small businesses with blogs are likely to get more than double the lead growth than those without.

Copywriting is about creating written material. This can be content for your website – the landing pages, blogs, news articles, or calls to action. It may also include writing email marketing campaigns, press releases or other promotional content – brochures for example.

A good copywriter will write high-quality text to help sell a product or idea, or drive traffic to your website giving consideration to the following areas:



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What are you writing about and what is your aim?

If your goal is to communicate relevant information about your organisation on your web pages, the writing needs to be clear, concise and informative.

Blog posts have several aims: to build relationships with potential customers; drive traffic to your website; encourage readers to share the blog, and – by presenting regular, new and relevant content – to increase SEO.

Whatever your goal, think about what will engage and interest potential customers. Consider your organisation’s ‘voice’. Is it serious and authoritative or casual? Or anything in between?



Online readers tend to skim the content for markers to the information they’re most interested in. Make it easy for them and they’ll stay reading.

Write great headlines, divide the content into easy to absorb chunks with sub-headings to point the way.

Keep the readers’ interest by making the sentences different lengths. Short is good.

Create calls to action to lead visitors to website pages. Make bullet lists of key points.


Don’t forget SEO

Remember you are writing for human beings, not search engines. Integrate keywords in your copy for SEO, but incorporate them in a way that doesn’t seem forced or unnatural.

Recent, frequent and relevant content keeps visitors coming back to your website.


Details and facts

Although you might choose to write in a casual and friendly tone it doesn’t mean your content can be lax. Ensure you are taken seriously by checking your facts and details are useful and correct – the who, which, what, where and when must be accurate for your material to be considered trustworthy to help build your audience of potential customers.


Getting it right

Other important elements in good copywriting include grammar, spelling and punctuation. Even though much modern communication is transitory or text-speak, the content of your webpages, blogs, brochures and emails may still be judged unfavourably if the spelling is poor and the grammar weak.


myCloud Media’s copywriting service benefits:

  1. Engaging content for landing pages  
  2. Good copy to help build your brand authority           
  3. Great copy to help you sell more product 
  4. Educate and inform your customers       
  5. Expertly written for SEO 


We provide copywriting service packages for landing pages, blogs, news articles, eshots or calls to action.

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