Photography can send a powerful message.

But images shouldn’t just deliver information. They should also help to enhance engagement with your written content, and improve search engine visibility to drive traffic.

Our photography services ensure you’re getting the most value from the graphics you use. You’ll know you’re using pictures that sell, educate, inform, resonate, and highlight solutions to customer problems.


‘A picture is worth a thousand words...’ Use great photography to support your brand's marketing message and align call-to-action for your products and services.


Having great photographs on your website quickly and effectively communicates who you are and helps to position your company's brand. Photos also create a lasting impact on your potential customers. When we hear a piece of information we only recall 10 per cent of it after three days. Add a picture to the information and we’ll remember 65 per cent of what was told.

Photos also get people clicking and sharing on social media, so if you want to stand out from competitors, great photos will help.

Remember – the first image is the one that creates an impression of your organisation’s vision and professionalism, so put time into choosing great images when setting up your website.



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What photos should you include?

The goal of photographs is to communicate information so it’s important that they show content that’s relevant. Include the details of your business and the services or products you supply. Perhaps photos of your team and projects they’ve completed. The smallest and greatest details can be communicated within a photo.

Images evoke emotions so choose photos that will appeal to your potential customers. Think about who they might be. Perhaps select photos with more pastel colours for a female-based market than you would for a male audience. Also consider interests, age groups and professions. Only include images that add real content – nothing purely decorative.



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Image format and quantity

Image types and quantities affect webpage speeds. Pages that are slow to load have a detrimental effect on user experience (and as a result SEO). There are three main image types:

Using the right image file format will improve user experience and image quality but getting the balance between optimum webpage speeds and having the highest quality images can be tricky.

Consider also the actual dimensions of the photos. Make sure there’s a balance between images and text so that the website visitor can easily find the information they’re looking for.


Make your photos accessible

Search engines only look for text, so include Alt Tags and Titles to improve your website’s search-ability. Add captions to images, especially where they’re used to illustrate an article or blog, to create a connection between the visual and the text.


Keep your website fresh

Photographs are a great way to attract visitors, so it’s critical to keep replacing and renewing them on a regular basis to keep things fresh and up to date.


Finally, if the photos you use are not your own you will need to check whether or not you need permission or approval to include them on your website.




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