5 Ways Marketing Automation Has Made Marketing Easier


“There are too many marketing decisions involving too many complex variables and too much data for humans to make effectively without aid”.

Those were the hard-hitting words of Deloitte Analytics Senior Advisor, Tom Davenport.


He believes that marketing automation is essential for growing businesses.

And I couldn’t agree more.

Today marketing automation is no longer just a nice thing to have.


5 Ways Marketing Automation has Made Marketing Easier


For many of us, the potential of digital marketing is growing a lot quicker than our hiring budgets. This means we now have two choices:

  1. Leave a huge segment of digital marketing untapped and under-utilised.
  2. Use marketing automation to make the most of modern tactics without increasing headcount.

It seems obvious which is the better solution, doesn’t it? But if you’re still on the fence about embracing digital marketing automation, here are five ways it’s already making marketing easier.


1. Improved campaign targeting


Even the most incredible marketing campaign will fail if it’s not reaching the right people. Until now, marketers have been doing a pretty decent job of ‘guesstimating’.

They’ve been creating a vision of what they think their target audience looks like, and designing campaigns rooted in the needs of those people.

But it can still be very hit and miss.

Marketing automation has made it easier to target the right segments. Through big data and predictive analysis, marketing automation software reduces the guesswork to boost results.


Improved campaign targeting


2. Better promotion of content


Creating engaging content is one thing. Ensuring this content is seen by the right people, at the right time, is quite another!

The good news is that marketing automation has made this easier with content planning features. These features allow you to schedule your content to appear on the right channels, at the right time, to maximise visibility.

For example, if you find social media engagement is highest during lunch breaks, you can ensure you’re giving your readers the content they want, when they want it.


Better promotion of content


3. Focused lead nurturing


Lead nurturing is definitely one of the most time-consuming aspects of marketing.

It requires marketers to check-in with prospects regularly, while maintaining relationships with existing customers – and working to generate new leads.

Marketing automation has made this not only much easier, but also less of a time sink.

One example of how marketing automation can help is through email marketing. Customised emails can be sent automatically in response to trigger behaviours from leads and prospects.


Focused lead nurturing


4. Boosted performance tracking


Perhaps the most challenging aspect of marketing is the fact that it’s always changing.

Customer behaviours evolve quickly, which means that campaigns are usually pretty short-lived. Sadly, there’s nothing we can do about this.

But we can make sure we know when our campaigns need to be tweaked, to continue delivering top results. Marketing automation has made this easier with campaign reporting and analytics features.

The software continually tracks key performance indicators to monitor impact.


Boosted performance tracking


5. Development of automation culture


The biggest way that marketing automation has made marketing easier is by helping to build a culture of automation across the workplace.

It’s successfully creating an office culture where marketers aren’t afraid to delegate some of their more predictable and time-consuming tasks.

Ultimately, it’s helping to free up marketers’ time.

This can allow them to focus on day-to-day sticking points and obstacles in their processes. And most importantly, to find solutions that make their jobs easier.


If you’re not yet automating your marketing processes, then it’s time to make a change.


Why not book a Force24 demo to see how marketing automation software could help you to simplify your own marketing processes?

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Quote source: Deloitte Analytics Senior Advisor, Tom Davenport.

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