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Grow business opportunities with LinkedIn

January 16, 2014

LinkedIn is not the first platform that springs to mind when thinking about social media, customer engagement and marketing campaigns. But the professional social media network can be a vital hub that fuels sales and boosts traffic to company websites. Despite its lower popularity compared to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, the network still boasts a user base of 259 million users, receives 184 million unique visits a month, is home to three million individual business pages and 2.1 million groups. Considering these facts, LinkedIn has become an online platform businesses can no longer afford to overlook.

LinkedIn for Business

The benefits of adding LinkedIn to a company’s marketing strategy were recently highlighted by business advice website Quicksprout. The information reveals how companies can utilise the network to grow their operations, reach their target audience and achieve a strong competitive edge.

How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement by 386%

The research, released under the title “How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement by 386%,” suggests that the platform is used by almost one in every 27 people, with each user joining an average of seven groups. The monthly number of unique visitors, which stands at 184 million, equals the total number of tablets sold in 2013.

The power of LinkedIn’s ability to grow a company’s online footprint and overall business is indicated by its high visitor-to-lead conversion rate, which is three times higher than that of Twitter or Facebook. Statistics have also shown that 37.2% of companies using LinkedIn reported an improvement in their branding and marketing presence, whilst 37.6% of companies created new customer relationships through the network. Being present on LinkedIn has also benefitted 44.5% of businesses in face-to-face networking opportunities.

Companies yet to engage with the platform should take into account the fact that half of its members are more likely to buy from them if they are connected on LinkedIn.

For those already determined to build a profile on LinkedIn, it’s essential to take several factors into account in order to gain a positive response on the professional network.

Companies are advised to post information or statuses early in the morning and during the working week, as weekends have the lowest potential for engagement and interaction with prospective customers. Businesses are also recommended to consider how frequently they post, and make this a marketing priority. They are advised to deliver at least 20 status updates a month, as they can be the key factor in reaching 60% of their monthly unique audience. It is also important to be aware of their members’ interests in order to respond directly and most effectively to their needs.

The type of content delivered is extremely important, as interesting posts will discourage users from gravitating toward another, more exciting competitor. The research reveals that if a link is added to a post, this will drive 200% more engagement. Images are also a powerful tool as they drive 98% more comments from users, while video content can boost share rates by 75%.

Increase LinkedIn Engagement Infographic

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Article by : Tim Bennett

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