How Mobile Marketing Technology Can Help Retail Marketers This Christmas

Mobile Marketing for Christmas

Many consumers are already starting to put their Christmas gift lists together, and various researches point to the solid role that mobile devices will play in their path to purchase. With this is mind, sparing a thought on advantages that mobile marketing can bring to retailers this holiday season is more than necessary.

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There are several mobile technology-based tactics that retailers could employ this winter to reach a growing mobile audience and increase sales. Here are Michael Della Penna’s top picks that could help them accomplish their goals, outlined in an article for marketing news and advice firm ClickZ.

Optimise Email for Mobile

Della Penna, senior vice president of emerging channels at marketing cloud software and services company Responsys, says that one of the critical components of a successful Christmas marketing strategy is optimising e-mail for mobile. The need to make e-mails mobile-friendly is dictated by the huge number of e-mails that are read on smartphones and tablets, and the key to achieving this is using responsive design. Marketers that are yet to deploy responsive design for e-mail should take into account results garnered at a recent conference at Responsys Interact 2013, where industry professionals already using such techniques bragged about a 20% rise in clicks and conversions.

Mobile Apps

Apps are also becoming a key driver of sales, and already rank high on marketers’ list of mobile priorities, surpassed only by mobile measurement. If a retailer is yet to build an app, the best thing is to take time to create one, and use the Christmas season to call attention to the benefits it delivers. If there is already one in a retailer’s marketing mix, the expert recommends taking measures to enable push notification and inbox messaging to promote it. Marketers open to innovation could also deploy location-based and geo-fencing technologies to bring more visitors to their stores and to reach as many potential customers as possible. Location-based engagement via mobile devices will give marketers tremendous opportunities to target customers or prospective customers with personalised messages across a multitude of channels, including e-mail, SMS, and social media.

The mobile commerce apps that marketers can take huge advantage of and stimulate clients to use loyalty cards and coupons are Apple’s Passbook and Google’s Wallet. They can be presented to clients via e-mail or SMS messages, which would explain the benefits of using the app and how they can facilitate shopping.

SMS Text Messages

Despite the increasing uptake of new technology, SMS is still utilised as a channel for communication with customers given its proven effectiveness as a form of engagement with existing and potential customers. SMS messaging could be used to promote marketing campaigns both offline and online, and as a tool for lead generation by asking users to provide their e-mail address and location. This can help marketers to tie phone numbers to the right customer records, allowing them to deliver targeted offers and messages.

In-store WiFi

Marketers also have more reasons than ever to roll out wi-fi in-store for their visitors owning a mobile device. Wi-Fi provides retailers with the opportunity to monitor in-store traffic, online shopping activity, and price comparing. Going forward, such networks will give retailers the chance to peek into more critical consumer behaviours of in-store visitors, and target them with individual offers based on their preferences and interests.



Article by : Tim Bennett

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