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Email Marketing – How to Get Opened, Read and Responded to [Infographic]

We all know the feeling of opening your message box to find 100 spam memos and several irrelevant promotional emails. Read on for great email marketing tips.


Surveys suggest that 40% of adults report to ‘never read’ marketing emails, whilst a staggering 80% of US adults receive unnecessary emails weekly!

So how do we create an email that is practically guaranteed a read?

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Mobile-Aware Vs Responsive Design – Which One Is Best For Your Email Marketing?

April 15, 2014

Mobile technology is taking the world by storm, massively penetrating the world of marketing to become a critical channel for enabling interactions with users but also to complement established mediums for communication.

Mobile Friendly Email Design

This is particularly the case with email, which is evident from the growing number of marketers rushing to employ mobile-friendly techniques to make sure their messages can be read on smartphones and tablets and that recipients will eventually convert on them.

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