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New Google Algorithm Is Putting Mobile Friendly Websites First

It’s been hailed as more significant than both Panda and Penguin; Google’s latest algorithm change, due to come into force on April 21, is going to put mobile optimisation well and truly in the spotlight.  If you do not have a mobile friendly website, you are going to lose out – FACT.

google friendly mobile websites

Mobile usability has been an important part of Google’s algorithms, helping users to find mobile-friendly sites by ranking them higher on search results pages than their non-optimised equivalents.

Until now, however, these factors have been fairly ambiguous and somewhat limited – many simply did not know what factors were being used to rank mobile sites and how many were affected by the rules, which led to a sort of complacency where companies did not feel in any rush to optimise their sites.

Google Search Via Mobile  = 50+%

But as a recent Google Blog post notes, mobile and tablet devices are becoming an even greater part of our everyday lives and account for a significant proportion of internet browsing all over the world. And Google plays a big role in this trend – a 2014 study conducted by comScore found that 60% of all Google searches were carried out on a mobile device.

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Now Is The Time To Adopt Responsive Web Design

Mobile Ready Websites

February 18, 2014

Responsive web design (RWD) is generally tipped as the next big disruption in the world of mobile. Being aware of this approach is crucial for keeping a brand’s competitive edge as more and more developers embrace it to create sites that meet the demands of the mobile-driven web.

Responsive Web Design myCloud Media

Digital marketing expert Spinx has outlined some of the basic things marketers should know about responsive website design and also shed light on the underlying concepts that support its key role in the website building process in today’s multi-device environment.

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Make Mobile Marketing Messages Count

UK Consumers Demand Relevant Mobile Marketing Messages, Study Shows

January 2, 2014

Mobile is emerging as a powerful marketing channel that gives brands the opportunity to reach consumers on the go. But it seems that there is still a need for marketers to better tailor their messages and make them more relevant to users’ preferences and habits, new research suggests.

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Seasons Greetings from myCloud Media


Wishing all customers, suppliers, staff and friends a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

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Mobile Marketing – Smartphones vs Tablets

Differences Between Smartphones And Tablets That Mobile Marketers Should Know


Smartphones and tablets are generally categorised together under the broad “mobile” class, but in the  world of mobile marketing, this classification can be misleading or even wrong. It should be clear that consumers use tablets for purposes different than those that make them turn to their smartphones.  This should be explicitly reflected in brands’ mobile marketing strategies, Peter Tanham, chief executive officer of web-based platform SparkPage, says in an article for Econsultancy.

Probably the major difference between these two devices, which should always guide marketers’ mobile efforts, is that people use them in different places. Tablets are increasingly accessed on the sofa, in bed, or in the kitchen, and are taken out of home only to serve as travel companions on long journeys.

Smartphone owners, meanwhile, are with their devices all the time, browsing the web and taking pictures on the go. What also distinguishes tablets from smartphones is that it’s not possible to make a phone call with a tablet.

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How Mobile Marketing Technology Can Help Retail Marketers This Christmas

Mobile Marketing for Christmas

Many consumers are already starting to put their Christmas gift lists together, and various researches point to the solid role that mobile devices will play in their path to purchase. With this is mind, sparing a thought on advantages that mobile marketing can bring to retailers this holiday season is more than necessary.

myCloud Media Mobile Website Solutions

There are several mobile technology-based tactics that retailers could employ this winter to reach a growing mobile audience and increase sales. Here are Michael Della Penna’s top picks that could help them accomplish their goals, outlined in an article for marketing news and advice firm ClickZ.

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Brands Are Not Doing Enough To Improve Mobile Web Functionality

Is your website and brand mobile friendly?

A recent survey carried out by Eptica, which looked into how British mobile users perceive the efforts made by companies regarding mobile interaction and functionality, reveals that more than half feel that brands are not doing enough to improve the mobile web experience that they offer to the public.

Go Mobile with myCloud Media

This could be a result of consumers’ lack of awareness that the mobile web is designed to provide the same browsing experience they get on a desktop computer or it could be down to companies failing to adequately optimise their websites for mobile devices. This leaves users with the impression that the capability of mobile websites is limited, Econsultancy suggests.

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How To Choose Between Mobile App And Mobile Website

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

Mobile marketing has been firmly established as a key area of development for many businesses. The adoption of mobile devices continues to soar globally, so businesses are getting increasingly aware that they need to exploit the channel to reach more consumers.

Statistics reveal that 96% of marketers have either incorporated mobile in their marketing mix or are planning to do so. More than eight in ten are thinking of raising their budgets for mobile development, but only 16% have a mobile strategy in place.

mobile apps v mobile websites

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