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How Small Businesses Can Use Local Mobile Marketing

These days, there a number of tools that small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) can use in their marketing strategies, and if you have a mobile app or mobile website, there are some specific local mobile marketing tactics that you can adopt based on a customer’s location.


Carrying out marketing on a local level is one of the best ways to do business with customers, and shouldn’t be overlooked. We have outlined some of the most useful approaches that can help you in your marketing efforts in this article.

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Why Mobile Marketing Is Outperforming Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones these days, it’s perhaps little wonder that mobile marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for brands and companies to reach their audiences. Perhaps what’s more surprising is that some studies show it can be as much as 50% more effective than social media marketing, and is more effective than email marketing.

Why Mobile Marketing Is Outperforming Social Media

More and more companies are realising that mobile marketing makes sense; it’s also one of the most affordable channels, meaning that they are seeing a clear return on investment from it.

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Why SMS Text Message Marketing Is Worth The Effort

March 11, 2014

Mobile marketing continues to gain traction among businesses seeking to reach consumers who are permanently switched-on, impulsive and ready to interact most of the time.

SMS Text Messaging Works - myCloud Media Blog

The medium is making its way into the mainstream, helping industry professionals tailor their offers based on the new ways that always-on consumers are using to reach brands, and the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets has made mobile marketing a must for many organisations. SMS text messaging is also part of the marketing mix given the value it offers to both a brand and its customers.

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How Mobile Marketing Technology Can Help Retail Marketers This Christmas

Mobile Marketing for Christmas

Many consumers are already starting to put their Christmas gift lists together, and various researches point to the solid role that mobile devices will play in their path to purchase. With this is mind, sparing a thought on advantages that mobile marketing can bring to retailers this holiday season is more than necessary.

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There are several mobile technology-based tactics that retailers could employ this winter to reach a growing mobile audience and increase sales. Here are Michael Della Penna’s top picks that could help them accomplish their goals, outlined in an article for marketing news and advice firm ClickZ.

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