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Tips To Boost Social Media Engagement

If you work in the field of marketing, chances are you are well aware of the crucial importance of social media for your business. Real-time interaction plays a key role in brand awareness, visibility and reputation but managing all these can be very hard if you cannot engage your audience.


Engagement doesn’t only mean the number of likes and followers a business has – what matters is the way consumers actually respond to your messages. There are various ways to boost engagement and what you should do mostly depends on your goals. However, there are a few things that will always do your social strategy good and they have been set out in a new infographic by Exact Target.

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World Cup Boosts User Activity On Social Media

June 17, 2014

The FIFA World Cup has been among the most eagerly anticipated events of 2014 and has not disappointed, but this year the experience promises to be a bit different.

World Cup 2014 - Social Media Survey

The main reason for that is the rise of mobile social media and the many football fans that will turn to various devices and channels to follow their favourite team and stay up-to-date with everything that happens during the tournament. This potentially impressive rise in user activity on social and mobile channels during the games makes many believe that Brazil will attract an even bigger number of viewers than the Olympics in Sochi.

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How Social Media Competitions Influence Consumers

May 6, 2014

Social media is a hot topic these days, especially among marketers, who can no longer afford to ignore the power of social networks.

Influencing Consumers - Social Media Competitions

As marketers develop their social media skills, they are also boosting the level of consumer engagement with competitions, which can be a cost-effective way of creating brand awareness, generating new sales and improving customer loyalty.

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Facebook “most marketing friendly” Social Media Platform [Study]

29 April, 2014

Social media channels are great places to boost brand awareness, connect with specific audiences and drive traffic to key content. Each social media platform has its own benefits and downsides and each has its own unique audience.

Facebook Most Marketing Friendly Study

That’s why strategically choosing which social media outlet your brand should join is critical to ensure that you target your efforts towards the channels your potential customers use. It’s worth getting to know each network so that you can choose the best form for your particular message and content.
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New Twitter Layouts and Design Changes – April 2014

9 April 2014

Earlier this year Twitter announced changes to user profile layout and overall design updates to pages.  The new Twitter layouts roll-out has now started and we like it !

myCloud Media Twitter - @AppsandWebsites

We take a quick look at how the new design will impact on social media marketing and some of the tips on how to update your own page.

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How To Boost Your Presence And Engagement On Twitter

Double Your Twitter Followers

February 11, 2014

Twitter is one of the big names in the social media world that has become an essential tool for marketing professionals. The wildly popular micro-blogging service has evolved from a network of tweets that tell followers what you are up to to a platform where users share stories, links to photos, breaking news and relevant content.

Double Twitter Followers

The network currently boasts 500 million users and sees 135,000 new users joining it every day. But for a brand, it’s not the number of followers that’s important so much as the level of engagement. For marketers looking for fresh ideas to improve their Twitter marketing, here are some tips from web hosting search expert WhoIsHostingThis.

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Social Networking Websites To Help You Raise Brand Awareness

Social networking has stormed the nation in recent years and has become an integral part in many business’s marketing strategies.

Although many social networking sites are primarily aimed at end consumers, most offer an opportunity for businesses to effectively promote their products and services too.

In the UK, there are now hundreds of social networking sites – some operating as blog platforms within niche sectors. Below is an overview of the most popular social networking sites that could help you raise awareness of your brand and products as part of your digital marketing plan.

It’s worth remembering that only a few of the social networks reviewed might be suitable for your business, so don’t feel you need to be active on all of the platforms all of the time.  It’s about finding what works best for your business and marketing needs.

1.  Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites today with around 32.5 million users in the UK and 1 billion users worldwide.


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