Tips To Boost Social Media Engagement

If you work in the field of marketing, chances are you are well aware of the crucial importance of social media for your business. Real-time interaction plays a key role in brand awareness, visibility and reputation but managing all these can be very hard if you cannot engage your audience.


Engagement doesn’t only mean the number of likes and followers a business has – what matters is the way consumers actually respond to your messages. There are various ways to boost engagement and what you should do mostly depends on your goals. However, there are a few things that will always do your social strategy good and they have been set out in a new infographic by Exact Target.

1. Be Transparent

Building trust is the first step to improving engagement and creating meaningful relationships with your followers. In order to do this, a brand needs to be open on social media. Encourage feedback, introduce your team and invite users to chat with the staff, including the chief executive.

2. Monitor and measure

The number of followers you have is important, and so is the number of likes and shares. But in order to create a really proactive and effective social media strategy, you will have to look at other metrics and analyse them. These include inbound links, number of mentions in a certain period of time, potential reach and share of conversions.

3. Team Up with Influencers

There are people on social media that have a huge number of followers and can influence their opinions. And according to Exact Target, more than nine in ten consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations. So harness the power of social influencers by sharing their industry-related content and inviting them to do an interview, blog post or a webinar on your website.

4. Respond to both positive and negative feedback

If you want to build trust, you have to show you are human too. No matter how hard you try, there will occasionally be negative comments. When that happens you should deal with them in a prompt and professional manner, as almost half of consumers that post a complaint on social media expect a response within an hour.

5. Share content throughout the day

Make sure you post regularly, so that your brand appears in users’ news feeds. On Facebook, the best time to post updates is between 10am and 4pm, whereas tweeting is most effective between 1pm and 3pm.

6. Explore less popular platforms

Facebook and Twitter may be the big guns of social media but they don’t necessarily work equally well for every business. Try other networks, such as Google+, Pinterest and YouTube, to see what works best for you.

7. Focus on quality content

This is arguably the most important recommendation of all. Unique, high-quality content is one of the best long-term marketing investments and marketers know it: almost three in five plan to increase their content management budgets this year, Exact Target said.

8. Show your personality

Behind every follower is a person, and it is essential your business show your personality to attract followers and engagement. People like reasons to follow you. “You have to focus on how to ‘be’ social, not just on how to ‘do’ social media. And that requires your organization to adopt a more casual, tongue-in cheek, self-aware, and often humorous tone. There is fun and personality inside every company. Stop hiding it.”

9. Be Proactive

Lead conversations with original content. Determine what you want to influence your audience to say. Monitor general industry feeds to find new conversations.

10. Keep a Clear Focus

Focus your engagement on good audience research and a clear vision of how you are going to improve customer experience. For instance, look for conversations that include someone searching for a recommendation.

20 Ways to Succeed at Social Media Engagement [Infographic]

Although there are 10 tips discussed above, the infographic below lists 20 ways to succeed at social media engagement.

7 Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

Courtesy of SalesForce

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