Tips To Stay Successful On Social Media In 2014

Innovative Social Media Campaigns

January 21, 2014

With 2014 in full swing, fresh ideas and strategies are coming from everywhere about best practices in social media for marketers and ways to be successful in the field this year. Even more innovative campaigns are expected to be implemented by marketers on social networks over the next 12 months as they continue to seek ways to attract more and more followers and advocates of their brand.

Social Media Tips 2014

The time is always right to gather insights from experts in the field of digital marketing and here we take a look at the 2014 social media predictions of specialists from OfferPop – NYC.

The social marketing firm’s guide to the trends and technologies expected to dominate social media marketing this year is based on review of data and upcoming campaigns of the best performers in the social media arena. The aim is to teach brands how to embark on new strategies to fuel engagement and boost sales. Chiefly, what marketers need to remember is that this year video and e-commerce will play a central role in social media strategies, with brands increasingly seeking to make their fans the stars of their campaigns.

New Content Marketers

Fans’ possible enrollment in marketers’ social media initiatives immediately points to the more important role that the individual consumer will have for marketing experts as they launch their campaigns on social media. According to OfferPop, the consumer of 2014 will be the new content marketer, meaning that we will see more often brands taking advantage of personal content posted on social media, such as photos and video, for the purposes of their campaigns. And this will be an excellent tactic to follow, as research reveals that each consumer post is seen by an average of 150 people on a particular channel. Those brands that manage to achieve an increase in brand advocacy of just 12% will see their revenues double.


Social media will also disrupt the traditional marketing landscape, as more marketers will seek to extend the reach of their TV and print campaigns by encouraging users to post hashtagged content on social channels. This year we will also see more social-related commercials broadcast via traditional marketing channels as brands will seek to make use of consumers’ tendency to use a second screen while watching TV, which has been identified as a practice occupying half of the time of 44% of TV viewers. Mixing online with traditional channels is thought to be the perfect combination by 88% of marketers, who are positive that integrated multi-screen campaigns will gain in importance in the next three years.

Email Marketing

Social media will also be the perfect fit for marketers’ e-mail campaigns. These two powerful mediums are expected to be the top choice for industry professionals, who will be increasingly looking to combine the channels to build relationships with consumers, improve targeting and convert them into customers. Currently, Facebook contests asking fans to submit their own content is a technique featured in the campaigns of just 39% of e-mail marketers, however a whopping 60% of them find the method effective.

Social Commerce

Social commerce will be the buzzword of 2014 and we are about to see more and more marketers devising strategies to fuel purchases directly from social networks. This trend is driven by social media’s growing influence over consumers’ shopping behaviours, guiding the buying decisions of 74% of users.

Social media’s unparalleled power to deliver marketing success will inevitably prompt a rise in the number of campaigns launched by brands on the medium. Another factor enhancing social media’s appeal is the freedom it gives to brands to launch content and campaigns quickly and the competitive edge it provides to companies by allowing them to run campaigns engaging different audience segments. OfferPop’s own statistics reveal that last year companies that kicked off 11 or more campaigns on Facebook in 2013 acquired 100 times more fans than those that ran five or fewer.

Fun Facts on Social Media in UK

Take a look at this great infographic highlighting social media statistics for UK in 2013 from OfferPop.

Social Media UK 2013

Courtesy of: OfferPop


Article by : Tim Bennett

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