Why You Should Use Your New Website As A Digital Hub To Take On 2021


Organisations across most industries were forced to make the digital shift in 2020. With the growth of ecommerce, for example, retail businesses had little choice but to jump on the digital bandwagon.


However, up until fairly recently, other industries were surviving just fine with a minimal digital presence – sometimes without one at all. But 2020 was a game-changer. Today, there’s no turning back.


Digital Hub to Take On 2021


Digital’s role in recovery


After a rather... ‘challenging’ 12 months, 2021 is set to be a year of recovery and growth.

Right now, there’s a definite focus on things like building resilience in supply chains, boosting workplace safety, adapting to changes in channels to market, and innovating in line with evolving end-user behaviours.

Technology, too, is on the minds of most businesses.

After all, tech played a huge role in helping organisations change – and change quickly – to the tight operational restrictions introduced last year.

The mistake that’s being made, however, is that across some industries, ‘digital’ refers only to tech-driven processes, or the introduction of smart equipment. It’s a term that’s not always associated with business website design, or digital marketing.

And in 2021 especially, it really should be.


The importance of a digital hub


Today’s buyers are under increasing pressure to do more with less.

They need to make more informed decisions with total confidence. They’re researching more and looking for more information than ever. And they’re seeking this information from websites; from digital hubs that communicate.

And now, with more traditionally offline organisations moving online, it's not just about having a website.

It’s about having a great website; one that promotes products through powerful descriptions, showcases competence through case studies and testimonials, and demonstrates authority through industry-specific opinion pieces.

A great website is one that gives visitors everything they’re looking for.

Don’t forget, of course, that every digital hub needs to be supported by a well-formed digital marketing strategy. Even the best websites fail to generate leads if prospects don't know the website is there.



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Addressing the challenges


Are there challenges in digital transformation? Of course, there are.

Not only in terms of a potential skills gap, but also in terms of time. 2021 is a year of recovery.

Creating a new website from scratch – and working to get it in front of the right eyes, at the right time – probably isn’t high on most firms’ recovery agenda.



We can help. At myCloud, we work with businesses operating across largely offline industries and manufacturing sectors, to bring them into the digital space. Seamlessly.

We offer a range of development, creative, and strategic services to help organisations develop an optimised online strategy to facilitate future growth.



We often hear things like ‘we rely on word of mouth’. And that’s great. Word of mouth can be hugely powerful.

But the fact remains that your competitors are shifting online. They’re building websites. They’re investing in digital advertising. If you don’t embrace change, where does that leave you?


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