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Responsive Web Design (RWD), simply put, is functionality that allows your website to reconfigure it's layout to work on smartphones, tablets, TV's, laptops and wide screen desktops.

As smartphone and tablet use becomes more and more the norm for accessing the web, so your website needs to cater for the viewers' device.

Typical internet use monitored by Google, suggests that your website visitors will use a different device to access the internet at different times of the day - for example : mobiles for breakfast, tablet on the move, laptops in meetings, desktops at workstations, mobile again on the home commute and mix of mobile, tablet, laptop and TV for couch surfing in the evening. 

We recommend responsive websites for the majority of new projects in order that your website is up to date and future-proofed.  Some more sophisticed projects require hybrid mobile solutions to get the most out of the responsive functional requirements.

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